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7 Important Brand Rules You Must Pay Attention To

brand rules

Get started with brand rules.

Brand rules give you direction and guidance. So creating an online business should be easy. The first thing you must pay attention to – is your brand logo and how you come across to the consumer.

There are good ones and lesser good ones.

In this blog post, you get the best tips on creating a professional brand. So you can start right away with it.

Brand rule 1. Start your brand = easy to understand.

Kicking off your brand should not be rocket science. Most brands are straightforward and don’t have a lot of colors in them. A good brand should be memorable and speaks to the viewer.

In other words, branding – must be translated into an image.

So how to get started creating a brand?

  • The image must be in PNG with no transparent background or SVG.
  • Create a brand kit.
  • The logo must be responsive.
  • Create a site tag name = describe what your business does.

What is a brand kit?

A brand kit is a set of colors that pinpoints what you offer. Try the color palette generator from Canva.

Brand Kit by Dropner Blog – Graphic Explainers

To learn more about the purpose of colors – go here.

To know the idea and meaning of using colors go here.

Brand rule 2. Create your brand style. 

Many branding companies copy brand styles from other successful brands. You can start that way, but it’s nice to have one of your own. The reason is that the trademark is yours to change when you like.

It can be – that you must update your logo or brand and polish it even further to match your business.

Brand rule 3. Be even, don’t confuse. 

Be clear when your brand shows up on any devices or outside commercials. Any viewer recognizes your brand and doesn’t have to explore what you do every time.

Brand rule 4. Be Original. 

You might not have a good idea what this is. Maybe you think it is easy but being authentic is one of the hardest things to learn. Being original is a mix of various colors, logos, clarity, and knowing the meaning or idea brand.

Example of an original brand.

One of the original brands is simple and fun and explains the business well. See below for some examples.

7 Important Brand Rules You Must Pay Attention To

Credit Image Uhuru

Brand rule 5. Research the Competition. 

Some brands are in the process of rebranding because the competition is challenging. Researching the competition can help your business with detail and shrink your brand down to match your market needs.

Nowadays, smartphones mean you can go worldwide with a strong brand and have a greater reach.

Brand rule 6. Practice and Polish. 

Creating a brand doesn’t happen overnight. You have to develop a strategy for it. 

The brand may start great for now, but in time (5 years), you should pay a visit to your brand and make a new one. 

Go to your graphic source where you create it first. And check if there is a better design tool that supports the latest branding trends. 

I use to create the best designs, and many others use this tool because it is easy to use.

Brand rule 7. Futureproof Your Website.

Branding goes along with a solid website. That means your site navigation must be logical. And everything on your website must be clear and ready for the future and your new offers or customers. 

So your website must be quick to change and adapt if needed. Therefore you must have the right skill and know what you must pay attention to yourself.


Branding is not that simple to carry out. You must have the reader in mind and your business offers/deals. Your best bet is to be creative, revisit your brand and make a branding plan for five years.

When you are ok with your logo, font, or color – search for a graphic design tool, or you can outsource it.

Get media designs and branding.

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