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Avoid Drowning Your Blog Post Or Website With Videos And Images

Avoid Drowning Your Blog Post Or Website With Videos And Images

Hi all content creators,

Everyday content is being uploaded, and each day more are added over the world.

Know one knows how many blogs, websites, videos, and pictures are on the internet.

Many content creators are struggling to get the right videos or pictures that represent the blog posts.

Lost in content.

The reason why it’s tough to find videos and pictures.

Is that there are centered on the show, the business side is too dull, and that does not trigger.

So the blog post is full of text and low HQ pictures. And that can ruin the PageRankings.

Don’t do this:

  1. Upload videos that don’t matter.
  2. Full pictures.
  3. Pictures with a line in it.
  4. 100% Copy text.
  5. Overloading the blog post with colors.

Do this:

  1. Check if the video is up to date, use videos that are 1-2 years old.
  2. Pictures that are HQ, clean, ready to use, and relates to the reader 1-2 pictures.
  3. Be fresh with content creating that is good for PageRank. (please do not 100% copy text).
  4. Balance videos (30%), pictures (10%), and writing (60%).
  5. Videos that are shorth in a time frame, around the 2-5 minute mark.

Check out my infographic about that.

Infographic to create content

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Videos (gif) and pictures are some of the powerful tools to have on your blog.

It can tell your blog post much clearer, the same goes for pictures.

The problem is that you rely too much upon videos and pictures to explain and talk to the reader.

Daily, content is being uploaded to the internet, and with that in mind, you simply cannot upload videos and pictures that don’t match your blog and readers.

Use my 5 do this tips for your next blog post, and over time you get results.

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