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5 Tips – To Become A Better Blogger With A Blog Process

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become a better blogger with a blog process

Hello friends and new followers,

Become a better blogger before you publish.

It is best to know some blog-related stuff before you pick it and write about it. Each day many blog posts are being uploaded and published. If you copy and paste content for 10% to point something out or shout out, then please go forward.

But if you 100% copy content and do not refer or give shoutouts, then you must stop that at once. In this case, you must learn how to do research and what is primary and what comes in second place.  

I will show you my approach when it comes down to blogging and publishing new content. Relax and take something to drink 🥛 and eat 🍕 because this will change your viewpoint of blogging. 

1. The perfect blog structure.

Before you publish any blog to the web, most bloggers do some research on a layout that works best for the reader.

Knowing and learning it can come from successful bloggers with experience in it. Or you can learn by school study on it.

In my opinion, you learn more effectively by viewing, reviewing, following, commenting, and networking/partnerships with those bloggers

That can help you to become a better blogger.

2. Looking for the best blog title.

You can spend a lot of time looking for the best title to fit your blog posts. Some titles will not sync up with the reader because of the confusion circling them.

Your title must be simple and easy to understand, and it must match up with the content. So the reader can identify with your story.

To create a blog title, you must think of a few things.

  • Blog titles must be logical.
  • It must be fun and engaging.
  • Blog titles must be commercial.
  • Blog titles must have a selling point.

You have to rewrite titles, or you can look at examples of it, you can start by looking at my blog titles.  Also, Title generators work I use tweakyourbiz title-generator and SEO pressor.

5 Tips - To Become A Better Blogger With A Blog Process

Source: SEO Pressor

3. Feed your brain.

Wait before you write the reason why you have to wait is that you must learn it. What bloggers mean by that, is that you must educate yourself.

You can download free resources, read Ebooks/PDFs, you can follow and collaborate with bloggers, interview people, or guest blogging. Whatever the case may be, the list and the opportunities are endless.

5 Tips - To Become A Better Blogger With A Blog Process

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4. Time-management and scheduling.

Many bloggers will publish their blog posts every second and forget to revisit the blog post. If you publish a blog post with no intention to improve it, your blog publishing may come off as a spam message.

It can be that your blog post is useful to others, but you publish it at the wrong time. You have to know some things about the reader.

These things you have to know about your audience:

  1. The reader language.
  2. The reader education level.
  3. Some readers read your blog on mobile, so blog for mobile.
  4. The location of the reader. Where is the most reader life that is visiting your blog?
  5.  What is their ideal time to go online?

This information will help you pinpoint and target your blogging efforts.

5. Words of success.

To blog beyond limits, you have to switch your state of mind into a winning thinking style.

Therefore you have to learn and expand the vocabulary with winning, motivating, inspiring, logical, and sensible keywords.

With those keywords, you can create helpful content.


To level up the blogging skills demands a blog process, it is a routine and an approach before you publish.

It’s vital to develop to become a better blogger.

You do not have to invent the wheel when you blog, knowing some facts about publishing content to the internet can change your viewpoint of blogging.

Also, knowing successful words can help the reader in their online journey.  

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