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How To Promote Affiliate Links | Sale: Canva Pro Free Trial For 30 Days

Disclosure: This blog post includes affiliate links and promotional content from Canva. I earn a fee from Canva if you use my links to upgrade it to a pro account or to make a purchase at no added cost. Thank you for your support.

How to promote affiliate links

Hi bloggers,

Promoting affiliate links on your blog demands that you know how to organize promotion materials.

When you promote affiliate links it doesn’t mean that you place links thinking about money and forget your audience.

In this blog post, I will share with you the best way and popular promotion tactics.

Start with clarity promotion.

All blog posts or social media profiles must have a strong promotion offer that any user gets.

The best way is to add a title that highlights the offer. Some affiliate marketers don’t share the best practice but they focus on the earnings. 

Do’s and Don’ts of affiliate marketing.

What you must do when adding an affiliate link.

  1. Bring the benefits to your audience.
  2. Learn sales from affiliate bloggers or marketers.
  3. Before signing up to be an affiliate marketer check the help page.
  4. Check social media pages and judge if it is worth it.
  5. Have Paypal ready or a credit card.

Do not:

  1. Rush affiliate links.
  2. Forget your audience.
  3. Think only about the money.
  4. Just sign up to be an affiliate marketer with no knowledge about sales.
  5. Going in blind and not looking for examples.

Affiliate disclosure.

Do you know what a disclaimer text is? It is a small text that you must place at the top of the affiliate brand.

It means what others can aspect when they click and purchase using your affiliate links. 

I use Canva pro to create the best images on my blog. You get a pro account:

  • Background remover.
  • Unlimited pro (premium) images.
  • Unlimited pro (premium) videos.
  • Your brand kit to optimize your colors brand.

An image link is the best way to sell deals, the reason is that it directs you to the offer and displays it within the image.

How To Promote Affiliate Links | Sale: Canva Pro Free Trial For 30 Days

Cool Canva animations. (Canva updates their animations this can be old.)

Example of what you can do with Canva videos.

You see them a whole lot in text or call-to-action buttons.

Every affiliate link is tracked by the affiliate bosses, and the best thing is that you can customize the text.

If you leave the tracking link the same.


Affiliate marketing is a great side hustle, but if you lack in business or sales, then you need examples, proof, or success stories.

Sure affiliate marketing is great, but it is a new skill that you must learn and own to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Canva pro can help you with it. (go for pro yearly)

How To Promote Affiliate Links | Sale: Canva Pro Free Trial For 30 DaysHow To Promote Affiliate Links | Sale: Canva Pro Free Trial For 30 Days

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