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5 Best Reasons Why You Should Use A Blog Layout

5 Best Reasons Why You Should Use A Blog Layout

Blog Layout

  • What is a blog layout? 

Do you know it, or do you have no clue what that is? 

Let’s clear out the wrong ways of doing it.

A blog layout is the basic outline of your blog post, view it this way your writing is the building block to construct it.

A blog layout consists of:

  1. Structure
  2. Layout
  3. Intro
  4. Body
  5. Ending

Reason #1. Add A Structure

A well-structured writing style is clear than a chaotic one.

That also proves that you are serious and confident in your decisions, and you are simple to follow.

That way, you create friendship and unity.

Reason #2. Have A Logical Layout

In what form should your story be presented so that the reader can follow?

There are no real rules for it only guidelines.

The guideline that most writers use. 

  1. intro
  2. having a body
  3. the ending

That is the logical approach and most successful layout.

Reason #3. Be Simple With The Body Text

Now you go into depth and give the reader a broad view of your findings.

This is the heart of your blog. You must divide the central arguments and side arguments from each other.

Go straight to the necessary things, and do not overdo your story with a lot of difficult words to explain something simple.

Avoid that because that causes the reader to drop out and turn away from your blog post.

Remain conscious of which stage you are in.

Reason #4. Intro writing

This content is from Ryan Scott from Lean Labs.

Now that someone has clicked through to your blog post, your job is not done. It’s just beginning.

Regardless of whether the traffic to your post has come from a social media post, search, or somewhere else entirely, the prime point of engagement is now the introduction. 

And the introduction’s purpose is also singular: sell the read.

Just as your title and meta description must sell the click, the introduction must sell the read. If your introduction is boring, people are going to bounce. They may skim. But, they for sure aren’t going to be engaged with your content.

A captivating blog introduction consists of content that intrigues tease, and maybe even annoys or offends the reader – whatever it takes to make them want to read the rest of the article. 

All the energy must go to making it compelling – compelling the reader to read.

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Reason #5. Learn To Summerize In Your Ending

You come to the final parts with your blog post. 

Finish your story leaving the reader motivated, inspired, or curious.

Also, refer to your previous blog post and point the reader to it. 

5 Best Reasons Why You Should Use A Blog Layout


To have more success in blog writing depends on how you present your story to the reader.

The most important thing about your blog is that it is recognizable so that no illogical stories will arise about your conclusions.

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5 Best Reasons Why You Should Use A Blog Layout

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