Top 8 Canva Design Inspirations And How Do You Enter

Design Inspirations

Canva design insparations.

Canva can bring the designer in you. You can inspire others with it. You can make pretty awesome pro-looking designs, and the best thing yet is still to come.

How do I enter?

  1. Design using templates and elements.
  2. Share your design on Instagram or Twitter and tag #CanvaDesignChallenge (They can only view public accounts).
  3. Canva showcases their favorite designs to the Canva community.

8 beautiful design inspirations.

To get an idea what to expect from the design challenge. Take a look at the below finished designs for your inspriration.

1. Designed by Kathrine

2. Designed by Amy

3. Designed by Syunadah

4. Designed by Eliane

5. Designed by Santom

6. Designed by Cristina

7. Designed by Kanako

8. Designed by Meenakshy

Feeling inspired? Next time you’ve got a minute to spare – waiting for a coffee, catching a bus, or just taking a break – open up Canva and join their design challenge.