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8 Blogging Lessons I’ve Learned That You Should Learn Too

blogging lessons

Blogging lessons to learn

Hello, my blog friends,

When I formulate a blog, I just hit the publish button. And then never check or revisit that post.

So I was not ready plus don’t own a good viewpoint of blogging.

Not reading and exploring new things and learning about my past blunders. Can cause feeling stuck!

So, I was not able to see the problem, so I was stuck for months, I was only smart with designing, but that wasn’t good enough.

I had no patience, and that made me a grumpy person. That harms my personality.

8 Blogging Lessons I've Learned That You Should Learn Too

This was me!

The 6 mistakes that I made were.

  1. Not learning
  2. Not scheduling
  3. No patience
  4. No exploring
  5. Not helping you and businesses.
  6. Overdoing it.

Things and blogging lessons that I learned that you should too. (8 lessons tips)

  1. Working and blogging towards a goal.
  2. Turning my blog into a brand.
  3. Blog with an audience in mind.
  4. Developing a writings voice.
  5. Make a helpful membership blog.
  6. Blog with knowledge, insights, and wisdom.
  7. Reading, commenting, learning, and (always) exploring fresh content.
  8. Thinking ahead, growing, and planning.


Overdoing blogging and social media too much can overload the brain. Take a break from it.

Protect your blog from errors and learn what the blog crimes are.


Blogging can be hard you, have to know that there are blogging levels.

Each time you reach a new level through learning you and I must start over with newly obtained skills.

Develop and learn new skills, to begin with, a new blog style using my 8 lessons tips.

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2 thoughts on “8 Blogging Lessons I’ve Learned That You Should Learn Too

  1. You’re very right. One must turn focussed blogging into a brand. very well written

  2. Hey parneetsachdev, thank you for your comment. I learned some blogging tricks and I wanted it to share them. Thanks again for reading and commenting.

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