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Breaking Blogging Barriers [Blog – Mindset]

Breaking Blogging Barriers [Blog - Mindset]

Goal set up

So you want to learn breaking blogging barriers.

Once you have formed the objectives thoroughly and you have clearly planned the way to them, then the chances are that you will reach the goals.

Accomplishing goals gives happiness, self-confidence, pleasure, and job satisfaction.
In other words, setting up goals and trying to reach them demands a total mind shift.

You do not suffer from a gnawing voice in your head, you actually have something to wish for. Is there something else you really want to do?

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No doubt

  • There are mindset techniques that allow you to break barriers.

For example, do you want to become a leader in your life, or that you want to reach for a new position in the company where you work? Maybe you even thought about starting for yourself?

But as soon as you want to take steps to reach this, you start to doubt.

All kinds of thoughts race through your head that tell you that it will never be something, that you can not do it, now is not the right time, they will never choose you, or that it will never be a victory.

Those obstructive thoughts mislead you from your goal, from what you want to do.

They assure that you stay safe in your place, do not take the risk of failure, and do not think of possible changes.

Overcoming your inner doubt is the big challenge in your life!

Breaking blogging barriers

If you are happy with your current life, then that is fine.

However, if you suffer from such a gnawing feeling, it is time to tackle those obstructive thoughts.

Breaking Blogging Barriers [Blog - Mindset]

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What thoughts stop you?

  • Are there always situations that give priority to working on your goal?
  • A friend who asks you to a party?
  • The weekly cleaning, too busy at work?
  • Ask yourself if this is a reason not to do something (now) or an excuse?

If it is a reason, speak with yourself when you do start and stick to it.

If it is an excuse, ask yourself why you make excuses for yourself not to act.

Do you find it tricky to get into action because you see it as a mountain? Do you think you will never succeed?

Maybe you make the job too big and too large for yourself.

Make it small and share your goal in small steps.

You do not have to know in one day how to climb the Himalayas, you can also start with small actions.

Blog Mindset

The use of social media can limit your blog time and drain your motivation.

The barrier-blocking technique

Source: Thomas Frank


Don’t give up have reasons why you go on. Expect trials and bad times but don’t give up.

Have a devotion or ways to be happy.

Get rid of toxic people, they hold you back on your way to being great.

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