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Canva Print Quality

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Print quality with Canva

You’ve designed with Canva before, but did you know that you can print with quality too?

Your design would look great in real life, so why not turn your work into prints? 

Whether you’re looking to create flyers, brochures, stickers, or more printed products, Canva is the simplest way to design and print. 

They even deliver your order directly to your doorstep, absolutely free.

And Canva only partners with suppliers that meet their ethical and environmental standards, so you can rest assured that everything you receive is sustainability printed on eco-friendly materials.

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Design and Canva Print Quality like a Pro

Want to take your designs to the next level? You’ve access to Canva Pro features to help you create professional designs that impress. 

Use Background Remover to create photos with transparent backgrounds and Magic Resize to help you instantly resize your designs. 

Create and print effortlessly stunning designs every time with these and more game-changing Pro features.

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Print your inspiration with templates

You will love the Canva range of print templates to create flyers, stickers, and more.


Canva Print Quality
Canva Print Quality


Canva Print Quality
Canva Print Quality


Canva Print Quality
Canva Print Quality

Take your Canva design to mobile

Canva mobile

Are you ready to design on the go?

Don’t forget that you can create it on mobile and send your Canva print quality to your publisher.

With Canva’s mobile app, you can always be ready when inspiration strikes.

Next time you need to quickly promote a sale with a social media post, or create a design for your business, simply open the mobile app to experience the best of Canva at your fingertips.

Download the mobile app

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