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Corona Mind Battle VS Mercy, Peace And Salvation

Corona Mind

Hi, friends and late followers,

Corona mind = the hidden attack.

We don’t see the corona attack coming, and we don’t know how to stop it. The economy, housing, and the job market are falling.

The lockdown has shaken our social life, which can cause a growth lag in class. Also, there is no medicine for it, and the health department has not developed a cure for the virus. 

In this case, we have no defenses.

Is there hope? (YES)

Where to look for clues and answers?

  1. When we take a quick look at the source of this evil, we see that it starts in an animal market.
  2. We can see that it is a virus spreading from animals to humans. 
  3. Hygiene is vital for the spreading of the virus. 

Be mindful of what the virus is.

If you want to know more about the CORONA virus and the spirit world according to God? Then watch this YouTube video.


  • Don’t eat dogs, cats, and bats. Or have a wrong eating habit.
  • Don’t eat weird food.
  • Don’t eat food with a mythical and spiritual meaning to it.
  • Don’t eat unsanitary treated foods.

Trust God through crazy times.

We live in a time where the world is upside down and right is wrong, wrong is right, skew is straight, and straight is skewed.

The new life standard comes from God, so you better know them.

God’s standard of living.


  • Pray against sickness.
  • Pray against evil ways.
  • Pray against stupid, clumsy, and foolish.
  • Pray for mercy.
  • Pray for wisdom and knowledge.
  • Pray and fast for peace.
  • Pray and fast for salvation.
  • Learn to deny lies and false facts on the news.


Everyone wishes for a cure that helps stop the virus in its tracks. For the time being, there is no cure for the virus.

As you, know the CORONA virus is a hidden attack on our lives, and we are not equipped for it.

We lack the knowledge of these spiritual forces circling us. If you choose to solve it with your own mind you get a corona mind.

When you start trusting God for knowledge, wisdom, and His way, you start your walk with God every day. You notice mercy, peace, and salvation in your life while in crazy times. 

Don’t doubt God, but trust Him in these crazy times.

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Corona Mind Battle VS Mercy, Peace And Salvation

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