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5 Best Tips To Make A Business Proposal And How To Improve Yours


Hi bloggers and recent followers,

Writing for your business demands that you have to know some business and customers grammar.

Not everybody wants to read all you write, but jump to the part that they are finding fun.

In other words, you have to make a reason why they should check your offer out. When you lack in the business part, then you do not need to worry.

There are many ways to outsource it, or you can place the favored company on the bench for later use.

You can also learn from them and listen to their advice.

In this blog post, I will give you – the 5 Best Tips To Make A Business Proposal And How To Improve Yours.

1. What is a proposal?

To begin writing a proposal for your business you, have to know what the term means. 

It means A business chance that you offer to the potential paying customer.

And in the thinking, buying, and choice process of the potential buyer. It’s also how you present the goods or services.

2. Be reliable in a proposal. 

Getting started with your online business means that you want to earn something with it.

You have to know that people will hesitate and doubt making a payment.

Because online fraud is committed every day, most people are extra alert.

Therefore, if you write a proposal to your potential paying customer, you must first be a reliable business person.

3. Outlining the proposal to stand out.

A proposal is like a letter you send to the customer you better stand out. So there are 2 contact points.

That is between you and the customer. The customer does not always see the added value or the usefulness.

The effort you take to convince 1 customer of your paying service is of no use.

It’s best to have a funnel of your offers and not force your prices on anyone. 

You start with: 

  • a cheap or free plan, then a starter plan, a business plan, and a pro or premium plan.

Be plain with your prices and offers.



Example of my proposals ☝️.

Next, you write in a prototype version which means you address the buyer.

So, words such as:

  • You get.
  • You save.
  • Save time.
  • Be a pro.
  • Reach.
  • Go for.
  • We deliver.
  • Contact.
  • What you can expect.

Do not forget to give facts or proof with a portfolio of your work.

So the buyer can preview them and judge if it is worth contacting you.

An example of my advertising page where I give facts 👇.

5 Best Tips To Make A Business Proposal And How To Improve Yours
5 Best Tips To Make A Business Proposal And How To Improve Yours
5 Best Tips To Make A Business Proposal And How To Improve Yours

4. Learn to funnel a proposal for business.

This may sound like repeating point 3, but this is more of an in-depth part.

But there are various ways to funnel techniques, and some work better than others.

What I do is create a multi-purpose funnel according to the reader and buying customer. 

If you don’t know what a business or sales funnel is, then watch this YouTube video, so you get an idea of how to make one for your business. 👇

You can also learn more on this blog.

5. Test, judge, and review your proposal.

Test if your writing flows naturally also, and review your grammar. 

Judge your layout if the proposal is customer-friendly.

If it is not clear, then write a new one and follow the same writing process and clear out typos and writing blunders.


Being a blogger is not enough! The business side is a part that many blog owners have struggled with.

If you like writing, then organize it for the buying customer. And outline it to be good enough and don’t forget that you must offer something valuable.

This is called pull marketing, so don’t expect that results to happen right away.

Pull marketing focuses on customer choices and buying process.

Convince the customer that your business proposal is worth it by giving facts, proof, or testimonials. 

If you don’t know where to start, begin with my 5 Tips For Writing A Winning Business Proposal For Your Blog That Stands Out.

  1. Know what a proposal is.
  2. Be reliable in a proposal.
  3. Outline the proposal and think about the customer.
  4. Learn to funnel a proposal.
  5. Test, judge, and review your proposal.

  • Did you love to read this?
  • Did I forget anything?
  • Share your tip in the comment.
  • Let me know how it goes.

Leave a comment if you agree, 👉 type agree, like it, or share this with your friends. 

See more by following my blog and staying informed of my blog tips when they are online. 

Thank you.

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  1. While being a good writer is obviously important for blogging efforts, being able to reach others and appeal to businesses is also important. Great advice here!

  2. Thank You, Michael Fallquist.

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