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Create Professional Videos With Canva Video Maker | 30 Days Free Trial On Canva Pro

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Create Professional Videos With Canva Video Maker

Do you want to make videos?

Now you can do it yourself in minutes: no design skills are required. Use Canva video maker for promotional videos, product demonstrations, or to share fun updates.

There are plenty of ways to create videos that celebrate personal milestones or create beautiful social media posts. Try it for yourself and discover how videos can bring you closer to your audience.

Create videos with Canva video maker.

You can create professional-quality videos anytime, anywhere, thanks to Canva video maker templates – you don’t need complicated video editing tools. Follow these simple steps and watch your videos come to life.

  1. Choose a Canva template.

Canva’s library is packed with video templates. From educational and review videos to marketing videos and tutorials. And so much more.

  1. Adjust your video.

Choose your own color scheme and background, and get creative with a wide range of photos, images, video clips, music, and icons or upload your own. Cut, edit and add filters to your video clips.

  1. Save and share.

Happy with your video? Then download your video as MP4 or GIF and share it directly on social media. You can return to the editor at any time to make changes.

Free Canva templates.

You will love the different types of videos you can create with Canva. From video presentations to birthday videos, there is something for everyone. You can fully customize them and add your music, video clips, animation, and much more to make your mark on the videos.

Access even more videos.

Upgrade to Canva Pro today and shoot great videos.

When you have more options for content, you can take your designs to the next level with premium videos, music, and more.

That’s how you really bring your videos to life.

Create Professional Videos With Canva Video Maker | 30 Days Free Trial On Canva ProCreate Professional Videos With Canva Video Maker | 30 Days Free Trial On Canva Pro

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