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Does Social Media Damage Your Life? Block It Immediately To Be #1

Does Social Media Damage Your Life? What To Do Next

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Does Social Media Damage Your Life?

Social media has a grip on our lives. Almost everybody is on all day, all week, all year, and every second busy with their social media. 

New tools and features are rolling out for their users.

Having all those media tools: is to boost social bondage.  

That cost you:

  • True friendship.
  • Appreciate friends.
  • Motivation.
  • Time.
  • Excel.
  • Creativity.

In the long run, you pay the price in your social life, and that can cripple, and damage you and your blog or business.

What To Do? Block Them 

The main question is, knowing what the end goal is, and is it worth it? If not, then you should delete it and make a list if it’s useful.

  • Limit the use of the internet by having a business or blog hours.
  • Close and delete accounts you don’t use.
  • Disconnect from the internet on Mondays or the weekend.
  • Don’t download complex things that you can’t delete.
  • Make a social media list.

My social media table. This table is about how useful, needed, and practical are the things we find on the internet.

Choices about when to decide to delete or keep a media app | Media blocking table.

Communication Apps NoNoNoNoYesDelete
TV StationsYesNoNoYesNoLimit
GPS AppsYesNoYesNoYesLimit
Games HubYesNoNoNoYesDelete
Life Streaming AppsYesNoYesYesNoLimit
Music AppsNoNoYesNoYesDelete
Selfie AppsNoNoNoNoYesDelete

Note: I’m not against social media but I’m against addiction and side effects.

Check your time on social media

As you know you are still responsible for the time spent on the social media of your choice. Each social media platform comes with its set of rules, but you can limit the time spent on it.

For example, you only spent a maximum and minimum amount of hours. Or avoid Apps or Google Chrome Extensions that stimulate you to spend more time.

If you are looking for facts for social media that support your content, I suggest paying a visit to:


How much time spend on social media

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If you are on WordPress then use the image block.


Social media can be your best friend if you have no privacy issues.

The damage will come when you have a life because you have to think twice about what you upload on the internet.

Your online image must reflect your blog, brand, or offers not your social life.

Limiting the use and changing your viewpoint about privacy can help you in the long run.

Using my free social media blocking table can help you delete unwanted stuff and make smarter choices.

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