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How To Stop Spreading The Fear Of The Covid-19 News, And How To Be A Solid Writer!

Stop Spreading The Fear Of Covid-19 news
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Hi, all bloggers and new followers,

The Fear Of the Covid-19 News

Each day you hear the Covid-19 message, and it’s not that great. The total amount of Corona infections is a high number. We don’t have the correct number for it and never will.

The messages are repeating themselves, it’s about:

  • Keeping distance.
  • Wash hands.
  • Be hygienic in the house.
  • Clean your house/room.
  • Throw away dirty stuff.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • No Travel, no vacation.

The Covid-19 fear.

We can’t deny the impact and the destruction it has on society. And many of us live in fear because of that. A normal cough or sneeze will heighten the COVID drama.

The fear comes when you go into the drama within your own mind. And add a new message around it while you blog. In that way, you spread more fear around it.

How to prepare for the Corona wave.

Prepare with wisdom and faith:

  • Stick to the usual repeating Corona message and add belief to it. 
  • We are powerless when it hits us but, pray and fast against it.
  • Don’t forget that it is NOT a save the time to travel or go on a vacation in peace.
Your faith is being tested, if you really believe in the Holy God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

How to stop spreading fear.

The key is to stick to the core of your blog. Accept that in the long run, we are powerless against it, and in the end, you are stuck in the usual repeating story.

If you want to stop spreading the fear of the Covid-19 news pandemic through your blog, then here is what you can do to prevent the COVID fear story.

  • Do not copy the news.
  • Do not read about the topic.
  • Do not think you’re the only one blogging about it.
  • Do not go into the hype of a quick fix or solution.
  • Do not write and add new content about it.
  • Do not think about it when you go to sleep.
  • Do not wake up with a COVID mind.

How to be a firm writer.

To be a firm writer, you have to think outside the box and write around COVID. What helps is writing or revisiting your blog core, do you know what a blog core is?

It is a summary of your: 

  • Unique Selling Point.
  • Your offers help others to achieve their business goals.
  • Your blog service.
  • Your reliability to your readers.
  • Your mission and vision.
  • What is your motivation to blog? (for example, helping others, giving stable directions, winning strategies and tactics).

This information is usually on the “ABOUT ME” page of your blog or website. You can read mine to start your own about me page.


The fear of Covid-19 news has a devasting impact on our society and well-being. The fear can take over our minds, and in the long run, our lives with peace as we know it turns into a nightmare and hopeless society.

If you had the choice about what to cover in your next blog post, then choose your core and stick to it. And do not go into the Corona hype and its delusion.

Stick to the repeating Covid-19 warning messages and add belief to them.

What do you think of it? 

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