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Gamification in Mobile Apps (With Infographic)

This article is written by Colm Stafford from ERS IT Solutions

Gamification in Mobile Apps (With Infographic)
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The process of gamification for mobile apps

According to Statista, there were more than 1,651.66 million active mobile gamers worldwide in 2020, with that figure predicted to rise to 2,220.8 million by 2025.

In Apple’s App Store & Google Play Store, the games category is by far the most popular.

People clearly enjoy playing video games. As a result, it’s no wonder that numerous game-like aspects, such as points, scoreboards, badges, currencies, levels, and other forms of rewards, are being borrowed by many creators.

Gamification is the process of incorporating these features into non-games.

Gamification is a user-centered approach to digital products that boosts product adoption, usage, and conversion rates.

It is the addition of game-like aspects that encourages individuals to return to the program and expand their usage (thus improving your user retention and conversion to customers).

Gamification may be found in all facets of life. For accurate replies, teachers award children with stickers. Customers can earn incentives through store loyalty programs.

Businesses are constantly running contests and giving away prizes to keep their customers interested.

A 1998 study on video games (by Matthias Koepp, currently a neurology professor at the University College London Queen Square Institute of Neurology) discovered that as we play games and progress through challenges, our brains release dopamine.

We can reproduce the same dopamine reaction by incorporating game features into non-games.

Gamification, in this sense, is about human psychology rather than technology. It is an incentive system that stimulates users’ desire to be rewarded.

Repeated and predictable rewards give users control over their apps, pique their interest in what’s next, and instill excitement in sharing and competing with others.

Check out the infographic below by ERS IT Solutions which takes a further look into ‘Gamification In Mobile Apps.’

Gamification in Mobile Apps (With Infographic)

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