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Get Your Content Noticed – 4 Insider Tips For The Modern WordPress Blogger

Get Your Content Noticed - 4 Insider Tips For The Modern WordPress Blogger

Get your content noticed

Do you want to mark your blog but don’t know how? Do you want that every single blog post has the potential for some kind of breakthrough?

Then write and post your content for that goal which you desire. For every blog post that you write, there is a lot of competition for that content. So don’t expect results immediately.

The main question is, does the image matches your content message? And does the content deliver your message’s brand quick and easily?

There are 4 content notification pointers, to get your content noticed that you must add to your WordPress blog post.


Click the image to see it full-size.

WordPress notify tab

WordPress Notify Me Of New posts from this site (Settings Tab)| Click the image to see it full-size.

4 Content notification pointers

  1. Every blog you put out should be attractive enough to invite readers to your blog.
  2. Easy to understand and no complex thinking.
  3. Social network friendly because you can reach a bigger audience.
  4. Be sure that you have a good strong message and one of your final goals is to have a positive impact with your message. (infographic, videos, GIF, images, or quotes)

My infographic about writing and communications. This infographic is a short summary of the 4 Content writing pointers.

infographic impact of videos and joy

Do you want to use this infographic for your online projects for free?

Copy and paste the URL in your WordPress editor. Having trouble with this mail me at


To reach your goals don’t hold back, be creative and blog smartly. If you want to get your content noticed then you should prepare it to receive traffic.

If you want to take your blog to the next level and even beyond that, develop your artistic skills with the content fundamentals in mind.

So your content is noticed with traffic and can stand out and be distinctive.

When you develop good content writing skills, you slowly get notified (based on your writings), and in time you will gain new smart ideas.

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