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Value The Content Of Bloggers = Getting Likes And Followers – Top 4 Content Tricks

Getting Likes

Hi blogger,

Getting Likes.

So we focus too much on getting likes and not on the content structure.

You have to know that content is one of the greatest things to have. Creating new content every day is the most relaxed way to grow content organically.

The way your readers review your content is something you always must keep in mind.

Before you think of earning a few online bucks.

Since we create content for the reader, then you have to value the content of others. Rating the content of bloggers is a part of blogging.

So you first create and develop unique content. Before you think of earning.

Yes, you can try out payment ways to help you earn something. But money is not the central topic, it’s the content that matters. 

When you appreciate the content will help you in turning your blog into a membership site with your own subscribers.

The building blocks of content creation cover about 4 content tactics.

  1. Slogan, branding, and logo.
  2. Keyword writing.
  3. Clarity.
  4. The layout, so the reader quickly scans content.

1. Slogan, branding, and logo = Getting Likes.

Creating a name for your blog is always a challenge. When you do it on your own, and you do not have that trait can cost you almost 10 years and a bunch of money.

Creating a brand demands some know-how of marketing and basic knowledge of commerce, also you can hire a designer on Fiverr or Upwork. 

If you don’t want to do that, you can hire an affordable freelance blogger/designer to do the job. (Me) 

2. Keyword writing = Getting Likes.

When your blog turns into your worst nightmare, then it’s time to expand your vocabulary. Know the difference between low-traffic words and high-traffic words.

There or many online tools that promise you guaranteed traffic, but the truth is many are copied from each other. And that is not original with keywords, you have to be creative. 

You can use my list of keywords and slogans to start with. 

  • How To Seriously _
  • That Drives _
  • How To ___ in [#] easy steps
  • How To __ in
  • How I Made __ in __
  • How To Find __
  • How To Rock __
  • How To Make A Strong __
  • How To Completely Change __
  • How To Create __ That Gets __
  • How To Get More __
  • How To Generate More __
  • How To Quickly __
  • How To Deliver
  • How To Use __ To Stand Out
  • How To Tell If __
  • How __ Boost Your __
  • How To __ The Right Way
  • How __ Can Inspire Your __
  • How To Get Rid Of __
  • What To Do With __
  • Where To Find __
  • Quick Guide:
  • A Complete Guide To __
  • What to Look for __
  • Ultimate Guide: __
  • Advanced Guide: __
  • Beginners Guide: __
  • Hack: __
  • DIY __
  • Practical Guide: __
  • The Anatomy Of __
  • That Gets __
  • Full Guide: __
  • How To Unlock _
  • Getting Smart With

To see more keywords and slogans visit my free stuff page. → Go here.

Note: Be creative and don’t limit yourself.

3. Clarity = Getting Likes.

Making your content ready so the reader clearly gets your story is one of the most essential points of blogging. Unfortanly many newbie and pro bloggers are still making the mistake of writing boring and not beneficial content.

When writing clearly, means comprehension of the topic. Don’t treat the reader like a fool that is lacking wisdom. You don’t have to explain something in detail with big words to be valid and gain likes or followers.

Turning your blog into a work of content art demands some skills that you must learn. Because you fall behind with your content versus the blogger who has the required editing skills.

4. The layout, so the reader quickly scans content = Getting Likes.

When you read a lot, that means you build pressure around the eyes.

Simple text where content is scannable in one blink of an eye reduces stress around the eyes.

That text is easy for the reader that excites them to stay and follow you.

Creating a scannable text is a skill you have to rule.

To make the text scannable and readable can be reached through highlighted words.

  • Bullet list
  • Number list
  • Table list
  • Bold
  • Underline
  • Imagery
  • Headings
  • Comma
  • Mini titles
  • Balance writing 70% Blog | 30% Your stuff
  • Links
  • Separator


The key to getting likes to your blog, followers, or money starts with unique content for the reader. And present your content in a successful way to get even more attention to your content.

Review content before you publish it and put some value and meaning into it. 

If you don’t know where to start, use my 4 content creation plans.

  1. Slogan, branding, and logo.
  2. Keyword writing.
  3. Clarity.
  4. The layout, so the reader quickly scans content.

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