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How Do I Get Sales From My Blog?

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How Do I Get Sales From My Blog

Hi bloggers and recent followers,

Getting sales and earning something around your blog is a challenging task. You know things about supply and demand and such things about offers. 

We write a story and forget the business part, and some bloggers don’t have any revenue model. 

In this blog, you will get tips plus advice to make a sale.

Window shopper.

Some people like to see the offer on live view. To showcase your product features gif, them a tour around your digital products. You can create good-looking products using tools like

This YouTube video shows you how you can achieve that.

Leaderboard or skyscraper banner.

In your writings, you must create a connection to your offers. On Kim Garst’s blog, you will get tips about how and why to display the sales offer in the sidebar.

I want to add that you can place an image that refers to the offer. 

With one click, you will see the sale offer and purchase it.

Reach more with videos | Get started

Blog often and spread your sales.

Everybody knows that blogging is a struggle and a long road. Yeah ok! First, you need to plan the content that sparks your blog and shift your focus on the reader.

On HubSpot, there is a graphic about the best blogging frequency. 

This study is based on blogging facts gathered from HubSpot data. You can see it here.

Hubspot blog times

Source: HubSpot.

Make your sales clear. B2B or B2C?

In the past, I had some struggles with this. It was hard to make a plan for B2B and B2C. Not knowing the difference between them can break your sales.

How Do I Get Sales From My Blog?

You have to know what you sell and which market you want to make use of before you launch. One of the best plans is to go for both and create a multipurpose one. 

Don’t forget that clarity is the basis of any sales plan because that connects customers to your offer. 

It is awkward to go to a business blog – and the business goal is missing.

Or you have to sign up, and that is the only way to know. 

Do you ever come across a blog that has many pop-ups? Before you continue, you will get offers and newsletters thrown at you in which you are not interested.

What is the pricing strategy?

If you decide to monetize your blog, you have to be tight with your pricing. In other words, you have to split your offers. Make your price affordable and don’t overprice. 

If you don’t know how to price it, you should look at your competitors’ pricing range. Only the stable ones.

CTA buttons.

You may see them on various blogs, a button that motivates the buyer to purchase items from you.

When you hover over the button, it changes colors. That indicates that if somebody clicks it – it directs the buyer to the purchase or contact page.

The reason you must include such CTA buttons. Is that you can automate actions so you can focus on other things. Later down the road, you will learn how to combine.

Where is my target audience at?

Knowing the location of your audience can help you with targeting. Some are public viewers and are not followers. To target content to them, you have to know about publishing times.

Some public viewers are regular visitors. You should frame your offer and pitch to them regularly.

Some reach your blog through their social media or search engines.

Adding social media to your publishing can even help you reach more potential buyers. It can work in your favor because you can publish your newest offer to the masses. 

If you take your time to review your content and stick to the best or essential publishing time, new customers can notice that.


Earning from your blog is not that simple. Sales demands that you: plan and test it before anyone purchases items from you.

You kneed to learn the difference between sales and earnings.

Sales are more of a building-up process where you start at the beginning. Earnings are the steps the buyer takes before actually buying from you.

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