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How To Commercialize Your Blog Offers Easy With WordPress

Blog Offers

Hello friends and new followers,

A blog offers stress.

It is a challenge to insert a powerful offer into your blog, and it must reflect the customer.

The big question is, how do you set up your offers that appeals to your customers.

Compare blog offers and presenting it one go.

The way you successfully set up your offer: is to use a skyscraper model. A skyscraper model is a tall offer concept in which customers easily compare what you sell.

Look at the example of the WordPress skyscraper sales concept. 👇

How To Commercialize Your Blog Offers Easy With WordPress

You get the idea of what a skyscraper model is.

Simple and beneficial offers.

With the skyscraper model, it leaves no room for confusion. It is easy and organized to read, and that makes it highly effective. 

Cancel pop op blog offers.

The reason why you have to cancel pop op offers is that the click-through rate is low. Your customer and visitor will click that away and close the offer page. That makes the pop-up offer weak, and many people find it annoying.

Now you know why and what a skyscraper is, so make your offers count. You can also use web banner ads to showcase your offers and to simplify sales.

Below is my banner wide scales ad, this is a niche to watch, then a pop-up all in your face message. If you need help contact me.

How To Commercialize Your Blog Offers Easy With WordPress

Get $25 off your first purchase.

Sales and offers are about creating, inspiring, providing, and helping customers to win.

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