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How To Create A Business With Social Media | 4 Best Tips

Disclosure: I earn a commission from Canva if you use my referral link to purchase or upgrade to Canva Pro at no added cost to you. Thanks for your support. 

How To Create A Business With Social Media | 4 Best Tips

Hi bloggers and recent followers, 

  • Are you ready to create a business and boost it with social media?
  • Or are you just getting started with a business?

But let us begin at the start. What’s the first thing you see from a business? There are many social media studies on the internet.

You often don’t know where to begin if you want vital information that backs up your content.

I recommend that you pay a visit to 👇 for various social media facts.

How to create a business on social media?

The logo. That’s why it’s crucial to have one that you love. So whether you want to update your current one or start again from scratch, you can create a logo that will stand out from the crowd.

Most non-designers do not fancy struggling with that part. There are simply 2 ways you can make one.

  1. The paid version when outsourcing it.
  2. Paid plans and figure this out by yourself.

And then, you still have to adjust everything to meet the social media requirements.

In this blog post, I give you my 4 tips to rock and be on top of social media for your business.

You will have heard it before, but a logo is a kind of business card for your company to interested parties.

Some designers underestimate how a well-designed logo can help a company communicate more effectively. 

I use Canva to design logos. Canva released new templates which you can customize to include your own business name and so much more.

Here is how you start:

  • Sign in and subscribe for a pro account. [pro account gives you full access to premium and best templates]
  • Look for a template. 
  • Customize it with your business name and colors.
  • Only with a pro account. You can download it without the white canvas. (so no white canvas or background you end up with only the logo)
How To Create A Business With Social Media | 4 Best TipsHow To Create A Business With Social Media | 4 Best Tips

2. Say it with your business email!

I sometimes get emails from different bloggers that they want to contribute to a guest blog.

I also get questions, and afterward, they want to know what my blog is about. That is an opportunity to raise awareness of your blog business with your email.

How Writing an Effective Email Newsletter Can Help You Grow Your Customer Base: 3 Steps for Small Business Owners to Develop Great Content

  • Go to Canva and create your logo and choose your social media platform.
  • Save it.
  • Download it to your device or copy-paste it to Gmail.
  • Then go to your Google docs.
  • Create a table and paste your design into it.

To activate your email signature.

  • Go to settings and click on see all settings. Now you will see a general tab and scroll down until it says signature.
  • Give your signature a name.
  • Copy your file from your Google docs and paste it into the white screen.
  • And save your work.

Take a look at my related

Watch this YouTube video [using free icons is great, but you have to credit the designer, I don’t use those icon services, [I use Canva Pro].

3. Say it with a video.

You must not forget that video can work as a tool to give your business a boost. And that videos are social media share-friendly.

In other words, you can reach more people with a stunning video for a larger crowd.

Here is an example of how you can say your business deals with a video.

Then with a single media post for 1 minute. There are many online video editors but, you must go with the ones that match your budget. 

I used to go with Filmora, but I changed to invideo. Invideo has more business options that meet my customer demands.

Do not forget that with Canva, you can make videos too. The downside is that it has limited options such as transition. It looks like one 2D scene or frame.

Invideo works with scenes, frames, and timelines. You have more control of the video. 

Here is one of mine that is created with Invideo. 👇

The final result.

Here is one that gives an Invideo tutorial. 👇

Here is one created with Canva. 👇

4. Describe your company in the captions. 

Sometimes I want to check out the media about pages because why do you post them?

What is the reason behind it? If I cannot get the idea about it then, I have no more interest to continue.

I guess others do the same and do not want to figure it out and waste time or click links that refer to a mystery page to know more.

When you want to describe your business in the captions, then here is what you must do:

  • Add a legit email.
  • Add a legit website. [no mystery website or link]
  • Describe the business to your customers.
  • Be and stay professional.
  • Describe your service and benefits for your customers in standard language.
  • Do not overdo it, so keep it short but effective.
  • Update your social media captions regularly.

To get an idea of what a caption is, then go here:



Having a lively social media page is a time-consuming task. Fortunately, there is online software that makes media tasks easier.

It is figuring out how certain things work and what benefit you can get with them.

Therefore, use pre-made templates to be able to work faster. And learn from tutorials and read an informative blog post that solves the problem for you and can put you on the right track.

  • Did you love to read this?
  • Did I forget anything?
  • Share your tip in the comment.
  • Let me know how it goes.

Leave a comment if you agree, 👉 type agree, like it, or share this with your friends. 

See more by following my blog and staying informed of my blog tips when they are online. 

Thank you.

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