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How To Create The Best Landing Page (For Your WordPress Blog Or Website)

Create The Best Landing Page

Hi, all bloggers and new followers,

Create The Best Landing Page!

One of the best things you can do is to separate your homepage into a header, menu, sidebar, and footer (logical approach).

Do you know how to layout your homepage?

Content should be in line with the desired space.

To keep it simple about the layout of a homepage header, menu, sidebar, or footer.

Visit or review this screenshot of my landing page (like the page 😁).

screenshot-site-header and sidebar! | Click the image to see its full-size

screenshot-site-footer of Dropner Blog
screenshot-site-footer of Dropner Blog Click the image to see its full-size

You have to organize it so that the reader quickly follows your blog story and simply can find the content.

Keep the landing page simple.

Simplicity makes your landing page clear for the reader. With that in mind, your credibility as a blogger will grow.

Patience is vital to create the best landing page

It can take several months to figure out the best strategic advantage point with your landing page. But keep the development part flowing until it matches the look you’re after.

I like 👇.

How To Create The Best Landing Page (For Your WordPress Blog Or Website)


If it is your first landing page creation, you must have a template that goes with your content. I have a premium upgrade that allows me to design with social media and add safe payment ways through PayPal.

Social media is a part of my sales tactic, so the look must match that. A couple of months ago, I redesigned my homepage with offers one go.

My social media offers are for mobile, laptop, Instagram, and other media channels.


Creating a landing page that works must have some standard layout, for visitors to scan, and recognize.

Doing things differently and focussing on your customer/user service can sharpen your landing page.

The best landing page is clear, simple, logical, fun, and inviting.

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