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5 – Tips To Add Value To Your Blog

creating value with content

Why create value?

Significance is the most important thing to have, a value can increase your online brand.

Value is also the way others rate your inner business, in other words, value has nothing to do with money or success.

Value depends on your accountability role in society which means how does your business solve the problems of your customers and what service do you offer?

What makes your company unique and what does your company do to be separate from your competitors?

Here are 5 cool tips to help you to get started defining value.

1) Have a mission

Present your business goals to your customers and explain how you achieve that goals.

In this way, you distinguish your business and this creates more understanding. Moreover, it makes it easy for customers to follow.

Example of my blog mission: Provide a firm site based on free digital marketing tools for financial growth for bloggers and creators owners across the world.

2) Have a vision

That allows thinking ahead and keep track of the developments in your market. In other words: how your business creates solutions for problems your customers come across.

Example of my blog vision: The future of doing business is moving to social networking, and the connection with the internet is becoming smoother, faster, and better.

Dropner Blog offers quick answers to reach your business and blog goals.

3) Have core values

Present the essential parts of your company and claim your role in society. This helps you to focus on your target group and your business role in society.

4) Have innovation

This is the most important one because innovation is a tactic most business owners use to keep ahead of the many competitors.

Your business can stand out by adapting and applying the changes suited for the customers.

This tactic has to do with concepts that are action-related, a lot of prototype testing, and checking them for a user-friendly experience.

5) Have a brand

If you’re looking to distinguish your business then you should need a strong and uplifting brand that explains your business to customers.

Creating a trustworthy brand ain’t easy! You have to cleverly pinpoint your offers.

Some ideas of mine. (not always clever)

  • Put your customers first and respect them
  • Adding basic design elements that relate
  • Blogging and guest blog
  • Linking to others and supporting them
  • Always give quality stuff
  • Giving constructive advice and good tip giving
  • Explain inner workings that are fun
  • Be reliable, honest and accept your responsibility


Crafting value starts with having the mindset of a business owner. The ideas made in a business mind can easily create value.

The most common value business owners use (me too) consists of 5 fundamentals.

  1. Mission
  2. Vision
  3. Core Values
  4. Innovation
  5. Branding

Having that in order helps to stand out!

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