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4 tips to develop an open writing style

develop an open writing style
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Develop an open writing style

Writing is not giving data-driven answers or writing non-stop! We are human beings and everybody is unique, so there are no perfect answers.

Don’t push your blog in the face of the reader, rather write to what matters.

Life ain’t easy if your story only covers how to get something without going through some kind of struggle you will get 0.0% likes or readers.

1) We have to develop a basic understanding of struggles in human circumstances and situations.

2) Know the difference between a man and a woman. Their perspectives are not the same.

3) Some people are more result-oriented others are visual oriented, logical oriented, or have emotional reasoning or faith reasoning (my favorite).

4) Most people approach things without warnings or don’t accept good advice and they don’t want to be alarmed. This kind of person is the most difficult folk in the entire world.

Create totality writing

Before publishing develop a strong writing style so that others easily can follow so your story makes sense.

Having your topic well thought out, create the ability to connect with your target audience.

There should be no hidden pitfalls for your readers in your articles. Be honest towards others and also describe the difficult things.

I use

Grammarly writing score
Grammarly writing score
Grammarly reading score
Grammarly reading score

Be clever

The key to writing content is to be smart and clever that reflect your target niche.

By mastering branding, you can reach others in your niche to interact with you. (that’s what I do).

Save time and don’t invest money in things with stuff you don’t know or it’s too complex for human understanding.

We are not fools but we can think bright and judge.

Explain topics

Story-tell your message for increasing the impact of your blog post.

Take a moment to process information and content so proofread your story for yourself and determine if your story has a flow to it.

Your target audience may not be interested to read if your story doesn’t explain topics.

Back to the drawing board create flow, explain more, or create rest in your sentences because that can help your audience to process the content.

Cover life experience

Something is missing in blogging land. Do you know what that is? Experience!

Writing and publishing are not the same things! It’s not about the number of words but word quality content.

Fill up the content with real-life experience, not fictional experience!

Fictional is a not logical-based experience – that only happens in a weird mind.

The bottom line

If you want to get more out of your blog then you need to improve your writing skills and add more quality content to it, then your stories will be pleasant to read. That is how you develop an open writing style.

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Getting stuck sucks, reach more with guest blogging | Contact to get started

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