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How to Hire a Remote International Team

This post is written by Courtney Rosenfeld.

How to Hire a Remote International Team

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Where should I start? In how to hire a remote international team

As a small business owner, there are many tech-related positions you probably don’t need to hire for on a full-time basis.

You could, however, benefit from hiring quality freelancers or independent contractors to handle specialized tasks in key areas.

This can keep your operating budget in check while still giving you access to professional resources.

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Types of Tech to Outsource

When it comes to implementing different elements of your business and operational strategy, there are some areas you’ll want to focus on.

Whether you’re fully online or operate a storefront, you’ll still need to have an online presence.

Hiring a high-quality web developer, social media management professional, IT pro, or cybersecurity expert – if only on a part-time, temporary, remote, or on-call basis – could be well worth the investment.

These people can help you get established, put you in front of the appropriate audiences, and possibly even train you and other staffers on how best to maximize your online presence.

Software Options

Just as you may be able to use remote freelancers in place of full-time staffers in some areas, you can also use the software in place of employees or freelancers.

For example, according to Tech Radar, great strides have been made in developing effective, easy-to-use, and comprehensive suites of software in key areas.

These include accounting, inventory control, and customer relationship management.

If you decide to go the software route, it’s still a worthwhile investment to have a trained professional educate you and your staffers on best practices for implementing and using all of the different features your software programs offer.

Where to Find Top Talent

There are many different ways you can go about finding high-quality professionals to help you build your business.

For example, you can advertise via social media, post on job boards, and ask for recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues, particularly those with connections in your line of work.

In fact, if you’re in a specialized field or niche industry, you may find it valuable to advertise through industry channels and job boards.

If you’re looking to hire remote workers, particularly staffers in other countries, like Nepal, consider using a job board like Guru to find top talent.

Things to Look For

Once you identify top candidates for your remote team, you’ll want to make sure they’re qualified, have impressive work portfolios and references, and can work well with one another.

Remote collaboration can be tricky, so you need to create detailed project management plans and devise a system of regular check-ins to ensure progress and productivity. 

This is especially important when people are working in different time zones, or if there are language barriers you’ll need to contend with. 

According to PCMag, video conferencing platforms can help team members stay connected and feel like a cohesive unit.

Paying Professionals

If you have full-time staffers, you’ll obviously give them W-2 tax forms at the end of the year, and freelancers and independent contractors will need to be issued 1099s

If you need to pay workers in Nepal, keep in mind that using typical payment platforms or international wire transfers can end up being costly for your business.

You’re better served using a reliable and low-cost money transfer service like Remitly. For example, you can transfer Nepalese Rupees for as low as $3.99 in just minutes.

Living in a digitalized world makes it easier than ever to recruit, hire, and utilize professionals from all corners of the Earth.

Give careful thought to your budget and your specific business needs, and hire the pros who can best support your company’s growth and expansion.

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