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How To Make Phenomenal A Blog Outline [Writing – part 2/3]

How To Make Phenomenal A Blog Outline [Writing - part 2/3]

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Blog outline

What is a blog outline? Do you know it or do you have no clue what that is? Let’s clear out the wrong ways of doing it.

A blog outline is the fundamental layout of your blog post, view it this way your writing is the building block to construct a layout.

That consists of:

  • Structure
  • Layout
  • Intro
  • Body
  • Ending


A well-structured writing style is clear than a chaotic one.

That also shows that you are serious and certain about your verdicts and you are easy to follow.

That way you create peace and understanding.

How To Make Phenomenal A Blog Outline [Writing - part 2/3]


How To Make Phenomenal A Blog Outline [Writing - part 2/3]

In what form should your story be presented, so that the reader can follow?

There are no real rules for it, there are only guidelines.

The guideline that most writers use. 

  1. intro
  2. having a body
  3. the ending

That is the logical approach and most successful layout.


By having an introductory story, you can directly inform the reader of any new information.

At this point, you are carefully working on giving content to your blog.


Now you go into depth and give the reader a broad view of your findings.

This is also the basis of your blog and you should separate the main issues and side issues from each other.

Go straight to the important things and do not overdo your story with a lot of difficult words to explain something simple.

Avoid that because that causes the reader to drop out and turn away your blog post.

Be aware of which phase you are in!


You come to the end with your blog post. Finish your story leaving the reader motivated, inspired, or curious.

Also, refer to your previous blog post and include them in it. Because you have a recognizable structure that appeals to them.

How To Make Phenomenal A Blog Outline [Writing - part 2/3]


To have more success in blog writing depends on how you present your story to the reader.

The most important thing about your blog is that it is recognizable so that no illogical stories will arise about your conclusions.

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