Is Your Content User And Traffic-Friendly? 5 Useful Ideas To Use

Is Your Content User And Traffic-Friendly? 5 Useful Ideas To Use

Hi, all bloggers and new followers,

1) Write traffic-friendly content.

Unfortinly some blog homepages are not clear, and it’s a challenge to create one for your blog that converts the reader into followers.

I had some struggles with it, but I kept going. What I did is to add media and make it inviting to readers/visitors.

In other words, the way readers approach your content counts.

2) Traffic-friendly content is good for SEO.

Traffic that comes to my blog is mostly from the Google search engine. So with that in mind, then the homepage must be searchable and findable.

On the backlino blog, there are great tips on it to get a good viewpoint, about what it takes to get more traffic.

The content must be friendly to the reader and search engines. I do it with linking and a call to action.

Make your content SEO ready and shine in Google.

Click on the image to see it full-size.

Here are the SEO ranking factors👇.

SEO Words
Basic SEO
Additional SEO errors
Additional SEO errors
Title and content errors
Errors in your content you need to fix
Free SEO Plugin RankMath

3) Write for social media traffic.

The second form of traffic is via social media (you should follow my social media). What you should do is:

  • Refer and link to it.
  • Your social media must be legit.
  • No followers, no worries, refer to it anyway.
  • Put your main channel first.
  • Communicate and explain content clearly through media. 
  • Use simple words and bullet lists.
  • Headings, bold, italic, or underline.
  • Embed links, so your phrase flows better.

That gives my blog content a boost in SEO and traffic.

4) Traffic-friendly videos.

Traffic-friendly videos are educational, informative, and helpful. Upload videos that match the content. Be specific and straightforward with it, so the user doesn’t waste time and gets your story faster.

Example of a friendly and happy video!

5) Traffic-friendly infographics to show a story.

Infographics are a way of explaining concepts creatively. Use them as a cover image in your next blog post.

Communication is vital and very useful.

Below you can see my infographic about communication.

infographic impact of videos and joy

Do you want to use this image in your next online project? Copy the URL.


A user-friendly blog starts with your content and the way how users come across your blog. I suggest you use social media to improve traffic.

The next step is to make it fun also inviting, this can cost some years and much time.

So don’t waste time, begin with my ideas:

  1. Write for first impressions.
  2. Traffic-friendly content.
  3. Write for social media traffic.
  4. Traffic friendly videos.
  5. Traffic-friendly infographics to show a story.

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