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Make YouTube Tutorials With These Easy 6 Tips

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Make YouTube Tutorials With These 6 Tips

Hi Writers,

First, set up your YouTube account.

In this article, we will look at how to set up your YouTube Channel from scratch & upload your very first YouTube tutorials.

Starting a YouTube channel can be the beginning of a huge and awesome journey. YouTube can offer a wide variety of things to yourself or your business. 

These could be allowing you to express yourself more creatively, bringing in extra viewers to your business, or connecting with a community that shares your interest, and that’s just the start!

With enough time and dedication, just about anyone can become a successful YouTuber.

9 YouTube Tricks That Actually Work

So continue to read How To Make The Perfect YouTube Tutorials.

Your YouTube channel art.

If you want a YouTube channel, you can make one for free. Wait for a minute just, creating one for the sake of it is not enough. And there is more to it than we know.

Know you need to have an attention point that describes the channel.

To start setting up a channel, you need to have a channel cover. The official cover size is 2048 * 1152 pixels. You also have to create a watermark as a part of your YouTube brand I use 98 * 98 pixels. 

Setting up YouTube cover and watermark

Setting up YouTube cover and watermark.

Set up a featured video to show users what you can expect that represents your business.

YouTube intro.

To let others know what your channel is about you can launch an intro video. It is like your mark on YouTube the best thing you can do is to have an intro that matches your business.

I created one using Canva check it out below 👇.

How To Make The Perfect YouTube Tutorial

The first thing you must do is make related videos for users so that they can try them with ease.

Also, make videos that show to others what your or the popular ways are or which design editor you use.                               

2. Music and speech.

The second thing a YouTube tutorial must-have is music or speech. Music must be played in the background and the right spot to add speech is in the front. 

3. Organize.

When you are done don’t forget this step. You have to spend time and make sure what your YouTube video says really works. If your video may contain errors in the process and is not logical, users may not view them.

How few viewers you have can cause a drop in your YouTube ranking.

4. Description.

Placing a YouTube description gives a better understanding of the video. Also making thumbnails can help to spark some of the interest of viewers.

You can make awesome YouTube thumbnails with Canva.

Youtube templates Landing Page

5. Test.

Before you go publish your video online, make sure to test if it works nobody wants to have failed information. 

6. Publish.

In this stage, you have completed your video content and as you play it yourself then you must learn and try to improve your previous works.

Now you can hire a video content creator for it or subscribe to your favorite content creator and learn it yourself. Maybe you come across useful tips.

Watch how I create a video step by step.

The final product 👇.

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