How To Plan Blog Goals In 2020 [Time Management For Writers]

How To Plan Blog Goals In 2020 [Time Management For Writers]

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It’s time to Plan Blog Goals

Ruling over your blog can be challenging even though you spent a lot of time on it. You can have the best knowledge about blogging, content creating, or writing.

With all that, you can still become tired and discouraged. That harms your results, and that is not the way how to get you the best performance.

How many pro bloggers and pro writers do that is to add a schedule or planning. 

How to time manage and plan for your blog?

  1. First, you need to do is to have your online audience in mind because you write for them.
  2. Secondly, you have to know a bit about your audience because that can help in putting the reader first.
  3. There is one thing most bloggers forget, and that is creating a list of best keywords, catchphrases, slogans, headlines, or mini titles.

Those 3 things can help you to make a schedule or plan for your blog.

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My blog times

5:00 am – 1:00 pm
5:00 am – 1:00 pm
5:00 am – 2:00 pm
5:00 am – 2:00 pm
5:00 am – 1:00 pm

Map out to plan blog goals

  • Make scannable content because of my reader’s preferences. 

  • A graphic explains content simpler because of the differences in language, besides it helps to deliver the message faster and more direct.

  • Showing perseverance and trust will create a bond among your target group.

  • Blog on time by learning times (AM, PM, Pacific Time, or 24 Hours East Europe Time System)

Learn more about times in this blog post. ⇒ Go to the blog post.


A schedule and planning are not bound for the year 2020. But that is a method to get by for that year.

Every year that goes by, you can adjust and take out things that don’t work.

A schedule and planning are timeless, and it is a tool to help you set goals for the coming years.

Use my 3 planning tips to launch your plan.

Those are:

  1. Have your audience in mind and put the reader first.
  2. Know a bit about your audience and times.
  3. Make a list of keywords, catchphrases, slogans, headlines, or mini titles.

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