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How To Sell Your Blog Like A Boss! Today

Sell your blog

Hi, friends and late followers,

Sell your blog but where do, I start?

You can create content for fun, or you can do it seriously and professionally. Whatever you decide, be sure you don’t waste the time of others. 

When you choose to be a content manager, then you must learn about management, marketing, and sales.

Learn to organize content.

Unfortunately, some blogs lack things such as a menu, about, or contact page. Also, it’s not clear what they offer, and they don’t commercialize or brand their blog.

If a reader decides to check your blog, be sure you put them first. In other words, people first scan for the relevant content if it’s worth reading.

The global layout of a blog consists of 6 vital points you must learn.

  1. Title.
  2. Thumbnail image.
  3. Intro.
  4. Main text.
  5. Outro.
  6. Subscriptions and follow.

Organize content for the human eye.

Every blogger wants to attract the right audience to their blog, and in the process gain new followers plus a whole lot of likes.

You have to develop organization skills for the reader’s eye. When you create content, don’t overdo it and pile up words or use hard words to explain simple things.

The human eye needs:

  • Rest and peace.
  • Putting things into perspective.
  • Easygoing related topics for a quick read.
  • Great layout.
  • Uploading videos or pictures that matter.

Selling your blog does not happen by itself.

Getting results for your blog doesn’t happen overnight. It demands a whole lot of effort and countless setbacks. 

Nowadays, it’s tough to break the mainstream selfie social media content.

Some dogs or cats of famous people grab more attention than original content, so you better take your content seriously and professionally.  

You have to find the right bloggers with the right skills, who can help you with your blogging journey. 


Selling your blog to your customers demands a whole lot of organizing and management skills. The way to commercialize your blog must be serious and professional.

In any market, you have a lot of blog rivals, therefore, assume that it may take a while for your blog to be taken seriously. 

Take the business steps for your blog, and don’t pretend that your blog doesn’t matter.

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