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How SMART Goals Setting Supports Your Blog And Life

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Hi all blog owners,

There is a lot of writing about blogging and money. The main question is how to reach your (smart) goals and make a living with them.

You and I have to look at what is the reality and what is the expectation of blogging.


  • The truth is that writing is one of the hardest jobs, and the payments are passive – based on your efforts.
  • Blogging is fun, but the road is very long.
  • You should always maintain to learn how to write effectively.
  • Discipline, brave, calmness, humility, thankful, persistence, learning, and trust.


  • It is easy to reach blog goals.
  • Easy to get money.
  • Easy to write, and somehow you can pay bills.
  • Easy to start a business.
  • Easy to be motivated.

Reality vs expectation: choose the reality side.

What are smart goals?

Smart goals help you to plan your goals and set them into action. It uses a combination of ideas and investing.

For example, my goal is to be a reliable blogger. The smart method, it helps me to map my goals so, I start creating my blog based on facts and knowledge – as the years go by.

My blog started growing after a full year of blogging then my writing and editing skills develop as well as insights to help others if needed.

How SMART Goals Setting Supports Your Blog And Life

I was happy all day and all year like in The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

List your target goals.

If you lose track of your goals and don’t know how where to begin, I suggest that you start by learning the fundamentals.

Learn to brand, write, summarize, and whatever the case may be, the point is that you get some insight into it. 

Don’t shame or limit yourself by thinking that your goal is wrong. Organize your goals, and learn from your past mistake.

How to plan smart goals?

  • Be specific with your goals. 

For example, “learning to overcome writing struggles with E-books, schooling, guides, and reading blog content that can help me become a better writer.”  

  •  Measure your goals.

It is usually a period where you keep track of the doing and if you are on the right path. If you lose sight of your ideal goal, you can steer and adjust it. Stick to 4 weeks, or 6 months, and work it up to around a year.

What helps is to divide it into high and low priorities. Also, buy yourself an agenda and plan them.


Smart Goals is a well-known method of mapping, and directing your goals, also it helps you to turn ideas into real actions.

Using smart methods will help you spend less money, and it is useful for writing production, businesses, study, and many more things.

In time you will get it just stick to it.

Note: SMART is practical.

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