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How To Spend A Safe Christmas While In Lockdown!

Hello friends and new followers,

It’s Christmas

Christmas is still a holiday in which we celebrate family life with our friends that God has given to us. This day is just a present, but for believers, that day has a different meaning: it means a shadow of freedom in peace that only comes through faith in Christ. 

The corona prevention rules and the lockdown, have negatively affected holidays, freedom, peace, and days off. We are told there is no safe way to spend God-given holidays.

But there is!

There are 5 ways to spend the Christmas holidays safely.

  1. Digital group celebrations.
  2. Say it on the phone celebrations.
  3. Sending a celebrations card.
  4. Share your celebrations.
  5. Celebrate the freedom of God and Christ. (that is yet to come)

1. Digital group celebrations.

You don’t have to install every single piece of software to celebrate. Some people use Skype others use WhatsApp. You can take part in a digital group to share and spread your celebrations to many that are related to you.

Don’t participate and share many things about yourself or your kids in groups you don’t know, and the source is unknown.

2. Say it on the phone celebrations.

Nowadays, everyone has a phone with a built-in selfie camera recorder that lets you say certain things in real time.

With the high-resolution camera, it is like you are there with them.

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3. Sending a celebration card.

Some people forget that they can send cards, and writing letters is outdated. Sending cards or a handwritten letter tells how much you appreciate them.

Every year I receive letters and cards from friends from my youth. I always send them back something. I get some thank you cards from my customers, and I appreciate that even more.

Cards and letters mean that they haven’t forgotten you, so don’t look down on letters and cards. Learn how to write and give something in return.

4. Share your celebrations.

Sharing your celebrations is telling how you reach a milestone that can help you create reliable friendships around you. You do not have to brag about your achievements but explain how you have attained them.

The main idea is to support your friends in getting the rewards so they can live from those benefits. Do not forget that you have to be an excellent example to your friends if you want to share.

5. Celebrate the freedom of God and Christ. (that is yet to come)

I’m not trying to convince you about the reality of God and the works of Christ. But we live in a confusing time, and all the facts are twisted and against people (men, women, kids, family).

Every time we watch the news on tv, it is always false and too stupid, so we can’t see a connection. On our free days and holidays, we miss our friends and peaceful life.

Covid-19 has attacked the peace of God and Christ that is given to us in grace, and we are not getting it back just like that.

It is important in faith that you make your heart, soul, and mind right in the eyes of God. God determines who will receive his peace according to the will and faith in Christ.

To celebrate that in faith, you can start practicing:

  • Pray every day (morning, in the daytime, night)
  • Fasting
  • Hope and trust in God
  • Gratitude
  • Openness
  • Acceptance of Biblical prophecy
  • Live with the conviction and existence of Christ
  • Learn to speak and claim victory over covid finance in the name of Christ
  • Do not doubt God and Christ

This is how you can start celebrating the freedom and the peace of God every day.


While the whole world is on lockdown, it can be frustrating to avoid friends or not go to school. But there is a way to celebrate using simple technology things and old-school ways that are forgotten by many people.

Adding faith and turning from our ways and ideas of celebrations can help you appreciate freedom so you can wish others the same everlasting liberty and peace from God that has given to you.

Merry Christmas to all!

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