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How To Structure Content Stronger | 8 Tips

structure content for your next site

Hi, all bloggers and new followers,

Who gave me: Structure Content.

I recently partner up and expand the range of my blog, so before I continue, I’d like to tell you about the blogging partnership and how I got the information.

Thanks and a big shoutout to Rob of project-local down under. For providing the needed content with a clear insight and a well-thought-out approach.

Structure content for success.

As you know, the base of a blog post is the most essential to have. The basics of content writing you can learn by trial and error, and it’s a long process, but in the end, you will get it.

The base of content writing must include 8 items:

  1. Headlines/title/subheadings.
  2. Intro.
  3. Headings (H1 or H2).
  4. Solutions and offers.
  5. Winning tactic.
  6. Call to action.
  7. Ending message.
  8. Motivated follow up.
How To Structure Content Stronger | 8 Tips

Do you have new topics or old fashioned ones?

If you want to write content for no reason, then your content doesn’t get the right results. Not providing knowledge, insights, joy, and support will not spark and stimulate the reader or customer to act.

That is a time-consuming and hopeless way of constructing content. In fact, you set yourself up to fail, it can be that you lack knowledge. 

To get the success, you’re after you must invest in knowledge and wisdom, maybe you have an old-fashioned approach to stuff.

Structure content to scan in one go.

It’s helpful for every human being to make the content fit to scan our eyes. The reader or customer can quickly get an honest overview of your story, which helps them to make choices faster.

Our eyes needs:

  1. Rest.
  2. Pauze.
  3. Peace.
  4. Fun and thoughtful content.
  5. Smart and new content.

The fundamentals of success. (by Rob – Project-Local Down Under)

We live in a fast-moving world where technology made it easy to connect on a global scale, and the customer is harder to satisfy.

And you must be aware of the website-building fundamentals.

Structure content for mobile.

As you know that almost everybody has a mobile. You miss out on customers or readers using their mobile to view content.

When you’re going to write for mobile, then keep your story short because of the smaller screen size. 

I suggest you:

  • Add 1 video.
  • Add 1 image.
  • Add your social media channels.

Keywords and PageRanks.

Thinking of the result in every way possible. This means likes, shares, a healthy growing amount of followers, partnerships, guest posts, feedback in the mail, or comments.

Including keywords in your content helps you get a higher search score. Also, backlinks or just linking content will help your PageRank rate, and when you have many links, it can boost your reach organically further. 

These result thinking parts help you construct your online journey to success.


Structure content is like a building-up process where you must cover some basic construction ideas. You miss out on a whole lot when you skip the fundamentals.

It can be that your knowledge is outdated and old-fashioned. Then you have to get some new insights and learn about a topic.

You can start by reading and following this blog and → the related links. 

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