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How To Write A Content Outline Perfect For SEO? 101

How To Write A Content Outline Perfect For SEO? 101

So, listen up! The real trick is how to write a content outline for your content that’s gonna give your blog some serious structure. Trust me, it’s gonna make your writing life a whole lot easier and faster.

And, here’s a little secret: it’s not just gonna be good for your readers, but it’s also gonna give your SEO game a major boost. In this blog, I’m gonna walk you through the process of crafting an outline for your awesome blog content. Let’s get started, shall we?


By reading this blog, you will learn how to create a content outline that can improve your SEO. And what you can do to improve the readability for Google Search.

  1. How to start creating an outline and what does it mean for SEO?
  2. How to write a captivating and informative outline?
  3. Why it is essential for SEO?
  4. Why you should divide content into headings and subheadings?
  5. How to structure content for SEO?
  6. Why images or videos can increase content explanation?

What is a content outline?

content outline gives the reader the choice to scan your content for points that they might need. With the use of H2 divide each related section in H3, as well as use of key phrases, bullet points, images, or videos

The Benefit of a Content Outline

A content outline is a way of planning and organizing your content before you start writing. It can help you to create better content faster, as well as improve your SEO and readability. Here are some of the benefits of using a content outline:

  • It helps you to build a strong content marketing strategy by aligning your content with your goals, audience, and keywords.
  •  It gives a proper structure to your article by breaking it down into headings, subheadings, and bullet points.
  •  It gives a proper flow for your readers by guiding them from the introduction to the conclusion and providing clear transitions between sections.
  •  It helps you to organize your thoughts for an article by outlining the main points, supporting arguments, and evidence that you want to include.
  •  It helps you manage your time and effort while writing an article by reducing the need for revisions, editing, and rewriting.
  •  It helps you to define the key differentiator of the article from your competitors by researching what they have written and finding gaps or opportunities to stand out.
  •  It helps you deal with writer’s block by giving you a roadmap to follow and stimulating your creativity.

If you want to learn more about how to create a perfect content outline, you can check out some of the web search results that I found for you:

Why is a content outline good for SEO?

Google’s mission is to organize content, and an outline can help them to crawl your site content, so it can be indexed. You can grab information out the poeple also ask section to create headlines or paragraph.

How does Google sees your content?

Google sees your content as snippet, this is the information you give to Google Search what your content is about, so they can organize them in the right search index.

A snippet is a your complete description and it look like this:

What is a meta title and how to add them?

If you don’t have Rank Math I, suggest an alternate tool optimize your snippet. The meta title is your H1 main title. It limits to 60 word count, 75 for the permalink and 160 for the description, so I suggest that you stick to the numbers 👇.

Once you add A H1 title (main title) you have added an meta title.

If you need more information about snippet text, I suggest that you read my following blog post, as it gives you great SEO advice: How To Write SEO Titles And Meta Descriptions – 6 Best Tips

What is a meta tag and how to add them?

WordPress SERP

The best way is to keep your URL structure short and avoid numbers and say what you mean. For a cleaner URL and easier look. The key point is to help structure your URL for SEO, so Google can index your content faster as they now what your content is about.

What is an Alt tag and how do I add them?

This a text that describes the image for screen readers, it is a common SEO practice to include one keyword in it that syncs with your H1 main title. In WordPress, it is easy to write ALT tags/text.

This is the way how you add them in WordPress:

  1. Go to image block press /image.
  2. Click the image.
  3. Now you see the ALT tag/text on the right under settings.

How to Write a content outline perfect for SEO? (tips to hang on to)

The best way to write a content outline is to write your topic and organize it to make it understandable.

1. Start with an H1 title with your keyword in it.

How to select a keyword for the H1 title? If you have Rank Math installed you can easily write keywords in your H1 title by adding them in the box.

Keyword must be placed in your main title as in the content in the URL, the ALT tag, and in the meta (Snippet). I do it with Rank Math you can see how easy it is in the video.

Edit Snippet With Rank Math SEO

2. Write a introduction

This must tell the reader what they can expect or why your content is helpful with your keyword.

2. Headings and subheadings

This can help you with advanced research on the content and structure of what you are going to write about. You can see that in the table of contents.

3. Write an overview

This should be in bullet points or lists the reason is that it is easier to digest for the reader, and they know what to expect.

4. Add related images and videos

The reason why you should add them is to give your content insights. I use Google Lens to learn about an image. And I use Canva and Photopea to create my images. In addition, I use InVideo to create videos, which helps me to make the content appealing.

5. Write about the benefits

6. Conclusion and summerize your key points again

This gives you a typical SEO outline, and with the help of Rank Math SEO, you see your SEO score go up.

When executed effectively, there is a higher chance of generating informative, compelling, and structured blog posts that can rank on Google Search.

Optimize your images

Before you start adding images, you may want to compress images so they can load fast, go to TinyPng for that. Image compressors such as TinyPng reduce the file size.


Blog outlines are the skeleton of any blog post. It takes some time to master them, but with these practical tips and the downloadable template, you can start creating one that is perfect for SEO. If you run a blog on WordPress, I suggest installing Rank Math because this can help improve your SEO skills without breaking a sweat.

Main Points:

  • Optimize your snippet.
  • Describe the file name of the image as something other than “IMG_12345”.
  • Install Rank Math SEO.
  • Use “People Also Ask” for headings and paragraphs.
  • Download my content outline template.

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