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How To Write SEO Titles And Meta Descriptions – 6 Best Tips

Write SEO Titles And Meta Descriptions

Hi bloggers and recent followers,

Do you want to learn how to write SEO titles and meta descriptions? I mean that it ranks on Google. 

SEO is always a struggle, but there are some things you can do that require effort. And at the same time boost, the content optimizing productivity.

Let us start at the beginning with SEO titles.

1. What is an SEO title?

An SEO title is putting a keyword (at the beginning) using numbers and adding CTR words. And the length of your title must fit the Google browser.

How better you optimize the SEO title, and how better the results in page rank.

I place the keyword or topic near the beginning and use numbers. I’ve got a series of compound, power, and sentiment words which I add to increase the CTR. 

I don’t go over the max length of the 60-word count because Google shows the 60-word count or, 580 px and if you go over it, Google chops it off and displays the rest with dots. 

On this blog, I use Rank Math to create one. Take a look at the image below.

max SEO title length by Dropner Blog – Graphic Explainers
How To Write SEO Titles And Meta Descriptions - 6 Best Tips

2. How to write SEO titles?

You start with knowing your topic or keyword and must be placed in the title. Also, adding numbers and power/sentiment words.

Sentiment Words

  • Finest
  • Smart
  • Share
  • Good
  • Right
  • Leading
  • Formidable
  • Hard
  • Tough
  • Fire
  • Top
  • Backs
  • Benefit
  • Helps
  • Supports
  • Straight
  • Precise
  • Complimentary
  • Positive
  • Favorable
  • Chilly
  • Fair
  • Hot
  • Freezing
  • Finest
  • Yes
  • No
  • Cold
  • Fast
  • Affirmative
  • Desirable
  • Robust
  • Smiles

Sentiment and Power Words

  • Clear
  • Free
  • Bright
  • Alluring
  • Best
  • Dead Simple
  • Easy
  • Cool
  • Calm
  • Strong
  • Creative
  • Stunning

Power Words

  • Debt
  • Today
  • Safe
  • Full
  • Happy
  • Solid
  • Okay
  • Simple
  • Quick
  • Absolutely
  • Ultimate
  • Instantly
  • Most Valuable
  • Most Helpful
  • Most Useful
  • Should
  • Now Power word
  • Direct
  • Natural
  • Wild
  • Fun
  • Delight
  • Happiness
  • Beauty
  • Stable

When you include such words in your title, you create SEO titles with CTR words optimized for Google search.

Power and sentiment word by Dropner Blog – Graphic Explainers
Title readabilty by Dropner Blog – Graphic Explainers

3. What is a meta description?

A meta description is a piece of HTML file that gives a short description of the content, which you can see under Google. That must be a 160-word count or 920 px- if you are over the limit, Google cuts your meta description off.

This is your meta description. by Dropner Blog – Graphic Explainers
Meta description in HTML by Dropner Blog – Graphic Explainers
How To Write SEO Titles And Meta Descriptions - 6 Best Tips
How To Write SEO Titles And Meta Descriptions - 6 Best Tips

4. How to write meta descriptions?

To write a meta description, you have to include your topic or your keyword in it. Google bots mark them for potential search queries. Also, you have to stick to 160 words.

5. Where to write meta descriptions without a plugin?

Don’t have an SEO plugin running on your WordPress website, what to do then? 

First, read this blog post.

Adding keywords is not an option, but if you write valuable content. Your work can rank on Google, maybe on page 4 or 5. Some of my blog posts are even lower than that.  

Where to place meta descriptions is in the section called excerpt if you blog. Watch the presentation and the video to follow. Also, go here

Writing for SEO without a WordPress plugin by Dropner Blog – Graphic Explainers

6. Keep your H1 WordPress main title short.

The reason is that you don’t have the flexibility to shorten long-tail words. I see it a whole lot that someone practically writes their entire content in it. 

Learn how to write optimized SEO titles. You can also use a SERP tool to give you a head start. So you can see how your SEO titles and meta descriptions display on Google.

Keep your H1 WordPress titles short and powerful by Dropner Blog – Graphic Explainers


In this blog, you get a clear viewpoint of SEO strategies. Optimizing content is always a challenge, but with these- 6 tips, you can start optimizing content for yourself or others. Remember to know what you should improve, so track the results.

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