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I Quit Using LinkedIn For My Blog, And This Is What Happened

I got the tips from another blogger on Jobscan.

I Quit Linkedin | Learn to say no to social media

Hi bloggers,

Learn to say no to social media.

Social media can cause mental fatigue and life issues.

I’m not going to speak bad on all social media in – a way is that part of online marketing.

But deleting social media accounts that have no more use is the best you can do.

Quit Linkedin.

My Linkedin account was huge, and I had a second thoughts about permanently deleting it.

In WordPress, there is no profitable way to exploit Linkedin.

Perhaps there are awesome plugins, but I do not want to buy not-needed extensions because that makes my site slow.

What happened. (the reward)

After deleting my Linkedin profile, I was upset thinking, that I made a huge mistake.

In about a week, I felt peace in my mind. In fact, deleting my account is the best thing that I did this year.

The following things happened to me.

  • Better sleep.
  • More time.
  • I became more efficient and effective.
  • I got stronger mentally.
  • I was able to think and concentrate better.


Deleting social media that you do not use comes with 2nd thought issues. When you decide to do it, it can be that you get rewards and that it turns out great in the long run.

After battling and defeating the social media (LinkedIn) mind, you get rewards. And that reward is for you, and no person can take that away from you.

Also, I deleted my Instagram read why 👉 here.

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I Quit Using LinkedIn For My Blog, And This Is What Happened

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