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Increase views on Instagram with Highlight Covers from Canva

Disclosure this blog post includes affiliate links and promotional content from Canva.

I earn a fee from Canva if you use my links to upgrade it to a pro account. Thank you for your support.

Increase views on Instagram with Covers from Canva

Hello friends,

Increase views on Instagram stories with Canva.

Level up your Instagram and nail that all-important first impression with striking Story Highlight Covers.

Your stories make up your highlights, so they deserve an eye-catching cover to show them off.

The stunning collection of Highlight Cover templates is fully customizable. You can use them to add your preferred style and personality to your profile.

So whether you’re creating a slideshow-style gallery, stringing videos together, or making your side hustle stand out – make your Highlight Covers stand out with Canva.

Increase views on Instagram with Highlight Covers from CanvaIncrease views on Instagram with Highlight Covers from Canva

Curate your favorite stories.

Put your favorite and most memorable content front and center with curated Highlight Covers. Explore the latest range of impressive templates.

Canva Instagram story template.

Canva Instagram story template.

Time to get moving.

Turn up the action by adding animated stickers to your Instagram Stories.

Animations are attention-grabbing and pop off the screen, so they are a great way to engage with your followers.

Try adding animation like ‘sound on’ or ‘swipe up’ and wow your followers. Check out my Canva tips to increase views on Instagram and more.

One size fits all.

Resize any of your designs in seconds with one of Canva Pro’s most magical design features – Magic resize.

Offering ultimate flexibility, you can resize your designs from a Facebook Post to an Instagram Story, all with the click of a button.

Upgrade to Canva Pro today and try it for free.

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