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Increase your views with these 3 TubeBuddy Pro features!

Resources are from TubeBuddy.

Disclosure: I receive a commission if use my link to upgrade or sign up.

Get more views with TubeBuddy. Your road to YouTube success.

Get more views

With TubeBuddy Pro, you get advanced features to improve the SEO of your videos.


Best Practice Audit

Go through your automated checklist to make sure you’re following YouTube’s recommendations.

Why do you need the Best Practice Audit?

  • To make sure the video is set up correctly
  • Make sure there are no broken links in your video descriptions
  • To make sure you remember to add

There’s a lot behind the camera that goes into making a video. Have your Best Practice Audit to make sure you’re uploading to YouTube following their best practices.

Best practice audit

SEO Studio

Optimize your video metadata for a specific keyword.

Why do you need SEO Studio?

  • Have your video show up in search and related.

Get more views by optimizing the keywords for your videos with SEO Studio.

SEO studio

Search positions

See where your video ranks for all of its tags in YouTube Search.

Why do you need Search Positions?

  • Know where your video ranks in YouTube Search before uploading
  • Identify Tags that aren’t helping you rank and should therefore be removed

Where your position in YouTube’s Search is critical to reaching an audience and Search Positions is your solution to improve your rankings!

Search rankings from TubeBuddy

Tubebuddy footer

Best Practice Audit, SEO Studio, and Search Positions are only a few of the many features you get with TubeBuddy Pro!

Are you ready to get more views?

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