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Increase Your PageRank With 8 Tips

Increase Your Pagerank

Time to increase your PageRank

You have great plans for the future of your blog website but don’t know where to begin.

By blogging you can boost the number of visitors by 60%, also starting a blog is a great way the reach and promote your online stuff.

By using these branding guidelines you are already making big steps.

Tip 1: Make a good first impression.

It takes about 50 milliseconds for users to judge if they like your site, so make use of the free branding opportunities.

Tip 2: Upload videos and photos that matter.

Your customers will remember 80% of what they see and 20% of what they read.
Uploading relevant media can attract readers, and that can boost your traffic.

A video that ties in with my blog

Tip 3: Improve your profile and online navigation.

You want to have stress-free navigation, allowing visitors to quickly find what they looking for if they can’t find it they won’t buy it.

Add a – what’s new – category because your returning customers will want to see your latest stuff, they don’t want to browse your old material.

Tip 4: Have a unique idea.

Have an idea about your customers spending. What can you craft? What are your skills? What product do people secretly want?

It can be something as simple as an online shop with only clothes or your own creative product.

To be unique you have to check your rivals and analyze their content or offers you can get inspired and produce solutions or new products.

Also, watch the latest trends for the year in your niche and anticipate them.

Tip 5: Create a strong unique selling point.

A selling point is the offers that you want to sell.

  • Travel blogs must sell locations, fun stuff, and bright pictures.
  • Lifestyle blogs must sell user-related offline products, fun and entertaining content, and helpful content.
  • Creative writing blogs must sell: informational content, be easy to understand, and must be good at explaining the most toughest and complex topics with the use of storytelling that breaks down obstacles.

You can use free marketing services to make big deals, craft your branding, and promote your creations to make those sales.

Increase Your PageRank With 8 Tips

Get my free PDF about branding. Offer free stuff which can increase the value of your blog and PageRank.

Tip 6: Create an about us page.

Your about us page is a short story that describes your business. Also, writing with clarity in mind can help readers to understand your content.

  • 30% of visitors visiting a home page click to see the about page.
  • 20% spend time reading that short story to be informed.

Tip 7: Develop a good SEO strategy.

Google searches about 2.2 trillion websites every day, but 90% of the users click only on the first 3 results.

So if your site or product ranked on the last page with bad results you probably get limited or no direct searches.

Don’t copy text but grow your content organically, that means the modern way of content creation that is based on your efforts and that search engines with their complex algorithm system understand.

Check the SEO search ranking factors in my infographic. This infographic will also help to get your content to level up in PageRank.

The seo search signals from Google.

Do you want to include the SEO infographic in your blog post?

Copy the below URL and paste it into your WordPress editor. Don’t you have WordPress don’t worry you can use the same URL because this URL can be used by all blog editors?

Need help with this? → Contact me.

Tip 8: Use the reach of social media to promote.

If you want to reach higher or sell more, social media is a powerful way to get more popularity.

  • 37% support your business on Facebook
  • 20% use the share of Twitter
  • Some follow blogs

There are several options for sharing your online content.


Making better use of your content demands a lot of practice and time. Better PageRank doesn’t happen overnight, get a real online view to update your blog writing.

With the help of social media and other business skills or graphics skill, you can put yourself in a thriving position.

Stay up to date for the next blog of building an image to boost your PageRank. By following me.

A strong online image can boost your brand and increase your PageRank!

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