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Integrity Connects [Development Tips]

Integrity Connects [Development Tips]
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Seeing the connection in integrity

Integrity writing can be a challenge. It can be twice that difficult when no one gives you feedback.

You don’t begin with the intention of writing the best blog but, start with the connection.

Planning that connects → overview
Imaginary that connects → creativity
User-friendly that connects → simplicity plus clearness
Forward-thinking that connects → stamina
Seeing the main ideas of it that connect → sympathy also comfort
Clever and original ways that connect → efforts
The right perception that connects → a sight
Great insight that connects→ respect
A moral conscience that connects → mentality

In other words, write with a reasonable plan for all blog posts. Remember, good writing doesn’t happen in a month.

In time you will master that.

The integrity writing connection

Another goal of explaining topics is creating messages that relate to your target audience with just practical pointers to try out.

Integrity writing means: you write quality content for others, that is beneficial to them so that they may succeed. (never about money or fame!)

Helpful writing that connects → security
Tip giving that connects → compassion
Quality links that connect → friendships
Inspiring writing ideas that connect → sympathy
Sharp writing concepts that connect → attention
Positive writing that connects → awareness
Explaining writing that connects → in-depth view
Basic typing that connects → mindfulness

Writing on a human level keeps your story social and more credible than your competitor writer.

Development asset

If your writing is your talent and you seriously want to make it your job, then start the learning process.

Growth comes with a diversity of assets that we use in our lives. (including me)

Blogging isn’t about telling others about your content, also includes real-life experience.

In our daily lives we can benefit from development for example:

Become a better man or woman that can build → passion
Having a daily plan that can build → a fact
Having a rational method that can build → brightness
Being on time can build → accountability
Concentrate on one of the things that can build → brilliance
Confess your errors that can build → honesty


Integrity is a useful skill to have in our daily lives.

Construction connections will draw quality readers. Developing yourself in other areas of our lives will boost strong relationships with others.

In turn, this can increase your writing and your messages, which relate to all bloggers.

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Integrity is the seed for achievement it is the principle that never fails. Earl Nightingale

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