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How to Launch a Business in the Skilled Trades: Tips for Girls

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How to Launch a Business in the Skilled Trades: Tips for Girls

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As college tuition continues to rise, many students are looking for affordable alternatives.

Trade school is an excellent option, especially for that intent on becoming entrepreneurs.

Attending trade school will give you the skills you need to launch a lucrative business and start making money much faster than you would if you were to earn a traditional college degree.

Women, in particular, tend to overlook the trades when considering future career prospects and business opportunities. Women account for less than 10% of skilled trade jobs in the country!

As a result, female students are missing out on a great business opportunity. To help you learn how trade school can benefit your career as an entrepreneur, check out the following tips from Dropner Graphic Explainers.

Why Start a Trade Business?

Women have a lot to gain by launching a business in the trades. Skilled trade businesses are in high demand!

Whether you start a business in construction, industrial work, or skilled services, you’ll have no problem competing with existing businesses and landing clients.

And the high demand for these skills means you’ll be able to charge equally high rates!

The lack of women in skilled trade roles can discourage others from entering the industry. However, there are many opportunities and resources available for women looking to get involved in the skilled trades.

Plus, launching a business in the trades could be a great way to sidestep many of the unfortunate barriers facing women in the trade industry, including gender discrimination and harassment.

Entering the trades as an entrepreneur can give women more control over their work and work environment. 

What it Takes to Get Started

Launching a business involves several important steps. First, you will need to conduct market research to determine the need for your local trade business.

You will use what you learn in this research phase to identify business goals, recognize your target audience, and write a business plan.

There are also several legal steps involved in launching a business.

For example, if you want to do business under a name other than your own, you will need to file a DBA (Doing Business As) name for your company.

You can complete your fictitious name registration online with the help of business formation services.

This is also a good time to register your business, get a federal Tax-ID number (EIN), and research the permits and licenses you will need to operate legally.

How to Find a Training Program

Many skilled trade businesses require certain licenses and certifications that you can earn through trade school. Enrolling in a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program will ensure you learn the specific hard and soft skills you need to thrive as a business owner in your chosen trade.

Enrolling in a technical program is also a great opportunity to build a network of mentors who can help you navigate the startup phase of your business.

How do you choose the right program? If you’re still in high school, consider enrolling in an entry-level technical course designed for juniors and seniors.

Once you graduate, you can continue your education at a trade school to gain the certifications or licenses you need to open a business in your chosen trade.

SkillPointe suggests looking for trade schools with a strong history, good accreditation, and sound business practices.

Additionally, you can take classes online that can help prepare you for running a business. Many of these online programs allow you to set a schedule that works for you.

So, while you’re getting your business off the ground, you can still head back to school to pick up the skills you need to make your business a smashing success.

If you’ll be graduating from high school in the next couple of years, now’s the time to start thinking about your future.

Earning a traditional college education isn’t your only option. Attending trade school can help you make a lot more money and enter the workforce with a lot less debt.

And if you want to be a business owner, launching a company in the skilled trades is one of the most secure and reliable ways to ensure your success.

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