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Link-building tactics you might have missed [ Part 2/3]

Link-building tactics you might have missed [Writing for Result - Part 2/3]
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Link-building tactics to start right.

Link-building is one of the best tactical moves in writing. It has many advantages, but there are also disadvantages.

You could say that data linking should be connected to your writing style.

With link building you can:

  • Promote content
  • Send the reader to the correct information source
  • Notify of the latest offers, and changes, refer to your social media channels, and more

Think of it this way: “link building is a referring tactic so that the reader can save time and be directed directly to the right information source and you control the process through your writing style”.

Do you want to see my link-building tactic? Watch it online for free

Google created a short video to explain that process watch it here. 👇


Link building is a forgotten tactic in blogging. Spiderbots of Search engines looks for related links.

It is recommended by Google that you help them in return you get better Page Ranking and better results.

The bottom line: How better your content how greater the results.

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