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How To Make Your Content Scannable – 4 Ways To Know It

Make Your Content Scannable - 4 Ways To Know It

Hi everyone,

Make Your Content Scannable For The Reader.

When you are creating content, then you know that it is essential to have engaging content.

One of the first scanning options is that your content must be in one blink of an eye open. So the reader can easily follow your story.

The landmarks of the eyes are:

  1. Eyes are looking for stable and harmless colors.
  2. Write wise content because eyes are connected to our minds. Be mindful of your writing.
  3. Human eyes need rest, so blog short.
  4. Our eyes are moved to clarity and bright content. 

Make Your Content Scannable

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Get noticed with your blog.

If you have great content that you want to share, then be mindful of the impact of online sharing. I mean writing poor content with unclear and old-fashioned words has a 0-1% chance to get shared.

Content that is familiar and open has a 40% chance to be shared.

The layout of your blog must be clear, easy to understand for the reader, and accessible. 

How do you know if your content is scannable?

1. Emphasize words.

The way most bloggers make the content scannable is that they master editing the content. So you can clearly see what a clickable word or highlighted word is.

2. Provide quality content for fast delivery.

When you take a look at some of my older blog posts, you see that I give insights on a topic with an infographic. 

With this skill, you can create one yourself. Working together with an infographic maker can increase the content’s scannability.

Do you need an infographic? → Contact.

My infographic about communications.

Make Your Content Scannable

Do you want this infographic in your blog? Copy and paste the URL infographic into your WP editor. Don’t you have WP? Don’t worry the URL works with all online editors.

3. Use blog and web standards, you don’t have to invent the wheel. 

Every blog post must have 5-6 items.

  1. Main title.
  2. Subtitle.
  3. Intro.
  4. Base.
  5. Ending.
  6. Call-to-action and related links

4. Do not overload your blog with images, grow content organically.

Content must be friendly to read, therefore you need to learn how to structure it for your audience.

  • Usually, a blog post consists of 2 images.
  • Bullet or numbered list. 
  • Headings and links.
  • Underline and bold words.
  • The length of a video must be centered around 3 – 5 minutes.
  • Upload content that is related to your niche and your audience.


Before you write and publish, approach your content to be able to fit the reader. Every reader wants good content that is accepted. 

Start writing content for your audience with my 4 scanning tips.

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