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Blog Marketing 101 Market The World Through Your Blog

Written by Dropner blog

Market The World Through Your Blog [Blog Marketing 101]

Blog marketing

Being a consistent blogger can transform your blog into a reliable source of information that readers love.

Reaching others through blogging is not simple. You have to offer something that can help others and also make it very easy for those who are interested in your offers.

Blog marketing tools for free.

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Grammarly (grammar checker)

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Many bloggers use this correcting writing app to level up their writing.

SEO WordPress Plugin

SEO with Rank Math guide for WordPress bloggers

Keyword and SEO writing is made easy with this Rank Math plugin

Other marketing tools are title generators such as Tweek Your Biz or SEO Pressor, free stuff, Canva, Invideo, or Google SERP.

Use your social media channels to get started.

Separate your personal social media channel (the account with selfie photos), from your business blog social media.

Get your BLOG bio up and think about how to market the best to your target audience.

Bio writing tips

A blog bio is one of the most forgotten writing strategies. Get your BIO up today.

101 WordPress blog headlines
WordPress blog headlines

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Not everybody reeds your blog.

Don’t worry about that not everybody takes the time to read.

  • Stably develop yourself.
  • Set goals for yourself.
  • Map out where you want to go.
  • Work towards that goal.

When you publish your blog, see that as a presentation that you must own, if you want to reach others across the world.

Be mindful of time zones AM/PM, location, language, and interest, many parts play a role when it comes to blogging or business.

Time to publish

Manage your blog or business success.

The most important thing almost every blogger forget is how readers and viewers must approach your blog or business.

  • New bloggers just get started blogging. Don’t forget this group – a blog for them. —> some many pitfalls and struggles wait for them. —> Reveal them (pitfalls or struggles) and guide them.
  • Stubborn bloggers, always think that there right, but the headlines and titles are weak, the topics are dull, and the writing is full of errors. —> Point out the mistakes and how to learn from them. —> They also need guidance although they never admit it.
  • Great bloggers, they cover the truth of blogging they don’t mind giving an in-depth view or being wrong and support others. Great bloggers give others reliable and sensible tips and advice. —> They don’t like to waste time. —> Blog short and clever. —> They don’t need much guidance but useful and helpful advice or tip coming from a trustworthy source works.


Market the world through blogging can be done. Using free tools that let you market your offers is always worth checking.

When you market your offers, don’t expect results immediately. It can take a while before you see results.

There are three types of bloggers:

  1. Newby
  2. Stubborn
  3. Experienced

Present your blog and your offers for them and help them out through your useful content.

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Do your best, when you fail, get up and start over #BloggingTips

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