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5 Tips To Commercialize, Market Your WordPress Site, And Monetize

Market Your WordPress Site, And Monetize

Hi, bloggers and late followers,

It’s time to market your WordPress site

As we create new content, it can be a strain on our brains. The reason is we intend to discover the wheel.

When you think you have to write something new whenever you hit the publish button and don’t have the time to research it and get it yourself, you become tired of your own doing.

Blogging becomes a challenge when you try to make a living with it. Here are some tips that helped me with monetizing my blog.

1 ). Showing your offers directly on your blog post.

The way to commercialize is to show and display what you offer to the customer or reader instantly.

One of the strongest points is that there is no delay in your online presence. Also, the content on your blog looks more in sync with your story.

The top search engine is Google, the second place is Microsoft Bing, and the third place is Yahoo. Without a doubt, Google has more fun social services to offer to its customers than others.

With the arrival of YouTube and Google Drive, it is pretty clear to offer your content commercially. You can do this by simply inserting the relevant link into your blog. 

3). Mark content for Google “image” search and PageRank.

As you know, you can search for content based on the images with Google. The way you mark content for Google images is to add your logo, and brand, and write down a description for it.

Your description will be converted to a mark on the image result page, this can gain in PageRank. 

Anytime and whenever I design something and upload it to my blog, I add my logo, brand, or slogan.

google-images of dropner blog

Snapshot of Dropner Blog via Google Images | Click the image to see full size

4). Time to monetize your blog.

Be trustworthy with your blog job and work forward. Divide your work into what you can do yourself and what you have to outsource to a professional

In that way, you don’t have to overload yourself if your project demands a designer or animator to go look at what they’re offering. Maybe you get it done with a partnership or a low-budget offer. 

5). Make it affordable and low-budget.

I offer an affordable price rate for any low-budget project. So you don’t go into debt, but you have a professional and complete piece of content to show.

If someone does not trust you in the completion of the project, then the client is not worth your time. 


Making a living with blogging is not that easy. Many topics are written, when it comes down to marketing and money. Some marketers forget the management part of content creation. 

Many bloggers are stuck, bored with blogging, and bounce their blogs. The reason is simple, they think every time I must rediscover the wheel of marketing (NOT).

To market your WordPress site right you start at the basis.

Keep it simple and start with the basic idea of general business. Be patient with it, results do not happen overnight. 

If you don’t know where to start, try adding my 5 tips.

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