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Organize Your Text, To Scan Your Blog | Writing For The Reader Tips

Organize to scan for the eye

Branding, colors, pictures, images, and a slogan those landmarks are clear plus quick to understand. 

That allows the reader to follow your story fast.

In the long run, you create trustworthiness and credibility blog text.

Scan the image in the slider and you can see that a strong image speaks more.

You will see my brand in all the images and it’s fun to watch.

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  • Organize Your Text, To Scan Your Blog | Writing For The Reader Tips
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When you write a lot, that means you build pressure around the eyes.

Simple text where content is in one blink of an eye reduces stress around the eyes.

That text is easy for the reader that excites them to stay and follow you.

Creating a scannable text is a skill you have to rule.

To make the text scannable and readable can be reached through highlighted words.

  • Bullet list
  • Number list
  • Table list
  • Bold
  • Underline
  • Imagery
  • Headings
  • Comma
  • Mini titles
  • Balance writing 70% Blog | 30% Your stuff
  • Links
  • Separator

Organize your text to scan

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2 thoughts on “Organize Your Text, To Scan Your Blog | Writing For The Reader Tips

  1. Totally agree! This is something that I have been very aware of in my own writing (since most of my content is in-depth and in longer-form), but sometimes it gets a little tough keeping it “scan-able.”

    I love the slider you have in there too! That is very neat. Did you use a specific plugin to create that?

  2. Thanks for your comment. Most readers scan text, in one of my blog post I made mistakes in writing. I wrote too much of the same things.

    About the slider—> Upgrade WordPress account to Premium the next step was to update the WP editor. I have no Plugins if you want you can use my slider and blog on my blog. Let’s team up and publish great content. (if you want)

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