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10 Superb Publishing Facts You Need To Know Before Before You Do Anything

Publishing Facts

Hi, friends and late followers,

Publishing facts is hard.

If you blog every day, then it is challenging for your creative mind to come up with fresh content. There is a large amount of content on the internet available.

That makes blogging and content creating extra hard. To remain reliable with your blog or website, you need to learn 10 fundamental facts about publishing content online.

Let’s explore them.

Fact 1. Do not copy text!

When you copy a text and use it for yourself, do not publish them because your PageRank will decrease as Google marks it to another online publisher. 

This is an important publishing facts you must follow.

Fact 2. Credit your content and categories it.

To credit and tag your content is done with your logo, brand, categories, or service. Take a simple approach to it, for example, use your media channels to show where and how to follow you, or a direct email, you can also, link out to your contact form.

Those are simple ways you can use to credit your content.

Below is my content category you can find easily blog posts for your own research.

Fact 3. Call To Action.

Do you know what a call to action is? It’s a link to published content from you or another source for the user to view.

Use it to link to a reliable source, the viewer might want to check it. That can make you a legit publisher.

Fact 4. Check and re-check your sources.

Not everything you find is proper to link and sync with your content. There are spam bloggers and spam content. 

First, check if there are simple spelling errors and if the media channels and email addresses match.

As of the last, check if he or she is a stable publisher.

Fact 5. Calm or dull publisher.

When a publisher does not provide answers but only writes for the sake of publishing, then the content becomes shallow.

Content must be fun and informative, for example, my blog in general.

Fact 6. Publishing content for mobile.

Mobile marketing is one of the best ways to increase your traffic. With it, you have to think ahead. Publishing content that must fit in the smaller screen size so resize your screen to preview it for phones.

Fact 7. Publish to be social share ready.

Multimedia marketing and management play a huge part in sharability. 

Because of the viral possibilities, in other words, this is not something you can control. Manage it by blog short, write with clarity, and be to the point with your publishing.

Fact 8. Name the image for Google images.

Some people use the searches for images on Google, and it helps when you describe and mark your images. Those people are drawn to your content via your published marked images.

Fact 9. Publish brave when you offer something.

Don’t be frightened when you ain’t receive emails and sales. It’s likely that your target audience is scared or not that moved with your offer. 

When someone goes into your offer, be ready, and provide the best customer service.

Fact 10. Publish your findability.

This includes your email address, your working hours, your offers and the benefit, your media channels, and be consistent with it.

Search your own website and review it because no one else will do it for you.


Publishing facts with new content every day can be challenging, take a rest and learn the facts of publishing. 

If you want to be a reliable blogger, then you have to learn and develop. 

It can be that my blog post is a form of education to you, then you simply can link to my blog or follow it. Some bloggers are related to your niche, so it’s faster to get published ideas or advice from them.

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