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Put God First During The Covid-19 Crisis With Faith

Put God First During The Covid-19


Put God First

There are many pitfalls, and we encounter many struggles, also we face numerous hardships, and the list goes on. Keeping a blog up and running is a long path facing many challenges.

We can only, do our best but in the end, we can’t prepare for everything. Most of the time we get entangled or feeling stuck with blogging than we need help.

Off course we don’t want to pay for help but the hint, is we need help all the time. That help comes from God if we accept the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Gospel.

Trusting God to help us is not our ways or according to our understanding. He is trying to save our lives from the judgment of our sin.

With love and patience of Jesus Christ and His Gospel, we are lucky to receive his incredible loving help.

Check out this video for a better understanding.

Source: Bible Project


Covid-19 brings us to our knees, and in front of God to deliver us from this illness or plaque that is running free in the socity.

Trusting in God means doing things not according to our ways or understanding. Sometimes we don’t agree with His methods of helping.

Keep on trusting in hard times or setbacks, in the end, God with His mercy He, can restore you! Because God loves a real man and women of faith.

Note: Don’t let the CORANA illness go to your head. It doesn’t matter how many faith tests you fail, God still loves us, just accept Him and the help comes later and keep going. Stay strong in faith.

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