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Refreshing Your Mind [Blog – Mindset]

Refreshing Your Mind

Refreshing your mind, it’s not that simple

I see in several blog posts that the focus is only on prosperity or wealth. And then write as if it is easy to get, in the process neglecting the vital things.

But I ask myself the question of what does it take to be thriving? Because blogging is not that easy!

The bottom line is that you have to learn and refresh your blog game plan. You can make a great game plan with my blogs.

To keep blogging, you must know what you can do to grow to the next level. Try it and be proactive in good plus bad times.

Blocked way

Blogging in a blocked way and keep thinking that it is the best way. Also, you want and try to convert others to do the same.

But you have no results and cannot prove that either. Then your blog is filled with tales and boasting.

What it takes is mindfulness and being up to date in your responsibilities. You also have to develop distinct points.

Below is my list of points that every blogger has to develop or write about!


Build up patience and don’t rush things, otherwise, you overlook your mistakes. Write with a creative and patient mind.


Investing your time in how to build or arrange content also explain to yourself what is important for your blog.

The dedication also means no parties, no staying up late, no tv, and only time for things that matter.


Remove yourself from things that have nothing to do with what you do.

Say no and cut bonds with negative information in your life.


Set your eyes and ears on sound-quality content don’t listen to the no-sayers! Read, watch, or listen to yes messages.

Hard work & effort

Every message you send out needs works because you have a lot of competition, that does the same task.

Work hard and be proactive because nothing is for free!

Dealing with failure and disappointments

This is probably the most likely thing that will happen to every blogger. There is no ready answer, record, or solution for this.

Refreshing your mind comes with a whole lot of personal failures and learning moments.

Just deal with your own failures and learn from them, so it becomes easier for you to be powerful, and prepared, and always show yourself what you’re made of by improving your skills as a blogger, content writer, or whatever! (don’t hide)


Refreshing Your Mind begins with a personal change in your mind. By accepting and learning from your failures and success.

We only see the surface, we don’t see the struggle of blogging.

By knowing the battle of blogging then you can personally develop features to resist error.

By doing so it’s possible to take your blog and content writing skills to the next level.

Refreshing Your Mind [Blog - Mindset]

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