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Restructuring My Blog

Restructuring My Blog

Hi bloggers,

Why restructuring?

I got some good news to tell you about my blog homepage. I have to restructure it.

This new homepage boosts clarity, readability and is much more fun to view.

I designed it from scratch and tested it on mobile devices.

I did that because I want to give these users a great viewpoint when they check out my blog. → Welcome

To turn your blog that is a fit for mobile was a long and tough road with a lot of learning plus discovery.

The goal of restructuring the blog is to put the reader first when they visit my blog. The process of structuring the blog is listed below.

Note: this structure is my approach on this, see it as an example.

  • Boost readability

  • Include social media

  • Simple and Fun Layout

    Content that readers can scan

  • UI, UX design for better use of the blog

Did you love to read this?

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Thank you.

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Restructuring My Blog

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