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Save BIG On HostGator Hosting Plans with Free SSL

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Save BIG On HostGator Hosting Plans with Free SSL

Hi bloggers,

What do you need to build a website?

Every website needs to have an SSL security certificate plus, you need to host the website. If you don’t have it, then your site drops in the page results of search engines. Luckily provides HostGator hosting plans that include an SSL.

Save BIG On HostGator Hosting Plans with Free SSL

Tips – for choosing a domain name.

When you choose a domain name, you must look for if that domain name is free. 

  1. The best one is .com, so be sure that the name flows with .com.
  2. Name your site that refers clearly to your market/niche.
  3. Choose a site name that resonates with your potential audience.
  4. Keep your site name short and logical.
Save BIG On HostGator Hosting Plans with Free SSL

Which Hostgator hosting plans is best for you.

You finally have great ideas to start a website, but you want to have a pro look from the start.

You can begin with the web builder, and with their support, you can take the lead and make serious web gains.

(👉 just choose website builder and the discount will be added automatically)

One of the best things is that you can stick to your budget and try out some stuff without paying too much.

There are 3 plans I suggest going for the recommended web builder plan. If it is your first time on the web, then choose a hatchling plan and upgrade your account gradually to a business plan.  

Hostgator website builder | Promo video.

The web builder plan has 3 options – you should go for the recommended one because that has the best package to create a fully pro website.

How to use HostGator hosting plans discounts.

In the image, I choose the hatchling plan as an example. (👉 this is the standard HostGator hosting plans)

Use my link to go to HostGator and type in the coupon area the code to unlock the discount and check the box SSL – Highly recommended.

At the bottom right, you see your savings. 

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Save BIG On HostGator Hosting Plans with Free SSL

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